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Nigerians and other Africans mustn’t continue to suffer from hunger. Agricultural innovation is necessary to combat this issue, according to Jonathan.



Former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, emphasized the need for political will, investment, and commitment to ensure the welfare of people and to prevent hunger. Speaking at the African Conference on Agricultural Technologies (ACAT) in Nairobi, Kenya, Mr. Jonathan called on African leaders to embrace technological innovations to boost their agricultural sector and achieve self-sufficiency in food production. Jonathan, who is also an African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) Ambassador for Agricultural Technology, stressed that technology can play a vital role in promoting agricultural resilience and food security in the continent.

The former Nigerian leader said Africa, home to over 60 percent of the world’s arable land, was grappling with food insecurity and the vagaries of climate change, including pests and diseases....Click Here To Continue Reading>>

“We cannot continue like this, as we must, as a necessity, match the inherent and abundant resources on the continent with agricultural prosperity with no one left in hunger. Innovation is the bedrock of all evolutionary transformative change,” Mr Jonathan explained. “Africa must rapidly evolve by embracing innovation to foster resilience in its agricultural endeavors.”

He added, “Innovation must be part of our resolute course to reshaping our agricultural outlook that should help our farmers to ably adopt new approaches to effectively withstand or overcome the myriad of challenges that currently bedevils the sector. It is by being creative and innovative that we as a people and a continent can bestow on ourselves a well-secure food, nutrition, and economic prosperity.”

Mr Jonathan urged African nations to invest in research and development and integrate cutting-edge science in developing advanced innovative technologies to enhance precision agriculture, biotechnology, and digital platforms that connect farmers with knowledge and skill from planning through production to markets.

“These innovations empower our farmers, improve yields, and boost income,” he said. “We must provide quality, effective extension services to ensure that our farmers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to effectively utilize these new technologies. The youth, in particular, must be encouraged to see agriculture as a viable, modern, and profitable career.”

He also called for partnerships among governments, the public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations, research institutions, farmers, community groups, and other stakeholders for agricultural development.

“It requires political will, investment, and a commitment to the welfare of our people. It’s about ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry and that the efforts of our hardworking farmers are rewarded,” Mr Jonathan stressed.


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According to Atiku, the COP28 delegation has accused Tinubu of turning the climate change conference into an owambe party.




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Atiku questioned the rationale behind converting a climate change conference into what he described as a “jamboree, all-comers, and ‘owambe’ party” with over 1,400 delegates. He characterized the situation as ridiculous and indicative of a governance approach lacking awareness and responsibility.


The statement highlighted the pressing economic hardships faced by Nigeria, emphasizing the need for leaders to align their actions with the available resources. Atiku criticized the use of borrowed funds for what he termed a “street party” held outside the country, calling attention to the disparity between the purpose of COP

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Abia Governor Otti plans to increase minimum wage, acknowledging challenges faced by workers




During a media briefing with journalists on Friday night, Governor Alex Otti of Abia State disclosed plans to increase the salaries of state workers on the economic realities of the state. He revealed that he is working with stakeholders to enhance the minimum wage and will soon announce a comprehensive package to this effect....Click Here To Continue Reading>>


The governor explained that the need to adjust the minimum wage was prompted by recent exchange rate convergence, the removal of fuel subsidies, and the increasing inflation rate, which is currently at about 30%.


“We understand that times are tough for many people,” Otti said. “As such, we are working with stakeholders to find ways to improve the remuneration of civil servants in line with the current economic realities.”


Otti addressed allegations that his government had exaggerated food expenses, calling them unfounded and the work of hatchet men.


“That is not true. It is the work of hatchet men,” said Otti. “The truth is that we are very prudent in how we manage funds.”


On the issue of Modern Ceramics Umuahia, the Governor said that preliminary work did not support bringing the industry back to its current location and that they are considering moving it closer to the source of raw materials.


“We are studying and revalidating them. We do not want any industry to collapse,” he added.


Otti also addressed concerns about the higher number of opposition party members at the state House of Assembly, saying that he does not foresee any problems with them as they are there for oversight and to support the government.


The governor reiterated his commitment to paying pension arrears in the state and ensuring that recently retired permanent secretaries and directors receive their arrears of salaries and gratuities.


“We are already working towards improving remuneration, not just for the minimum wage but also across the board,” Otti said. “We will make an announcement to that effect in due course.”

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Breaking news: Governor Obaseki responds to the recent declaration made by his deputy, Shaibu, and discloses his next course of action.




Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, has stated that the millions of supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state will determine the fate of his deputy, Philip Shaibu, who recently declared his intention to run for the governorship seat....Click Here To Continue Reading>>

Obaseki made this known in an interview with journalists after a meeting with Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, at the Ramat House on Thursday.

He said their discussion centered on issues relating to the PDP Governors’ Forum, including the party’s upcoming governorship election in Edo State.

“We also discussed many other issues relating to our party as a whole and the state of the country. And as you know, things are not as we want them to be. We will keep rubbing minds to see how we can support the administration and save this country by reducing the suffering of Nigerians,” he said.

About his relationship with his deputy, Obaseki said, “The relationship as you know, has been cordial. He (Philip) wants to run for the office I currently occupy and he is free to. I think as a Nigerian, he has the constitutional right to run, nobody can or should stop him.

“The party will decide and also members of the party will decide who will be the flag bearer of the party in the forthcoming governorship election.”

Asked if he would support his deputy’s gubernatorial bid, Obaseki said his vote alone would not determine Shaibu’s fate. “I’m only one out of millions of our party members in Edo state,” he said.

The PDP governor also discussed the state of the nation, expressing concern over the rising cost of food items and the suffering of Nigerians.

According to Obaseki, “Things are very difficult as we know at this point in time. Nigerians are suffering, and the suffering is unprecedented.

“But I think, we should stop lamenting and think of what to do as leaders to confront the issues we are facing to reduce the sufferings of our people and put more food on their tables.

“The year is coming to an end and the prices of food items are going up and what can we, as PDP governors do to ameliorate the sufferings of our people. These are some of the things we talked about while preserving the unity of this country.”


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