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Why These Types Of Women Will Never Cheat On You No Matter What



Trust is the cornerstone of any healthy and fulfilling dating, and infidelity can be a painful betrayal of that trust. While there can be no foolproof way to guarantee that someone might not cheat, high-quality trends and trends in a partner can substantially reduce the risk of infidelity. In this article, we can find out the developments and trends of ladies who are a great deal much less likely to cheat in a committed dating....Click Here To Continue Reading>>

1. High Emotional Intelligence:

Women with immoderate emotional intelligence are more attuned to their very personal feelings and the feelings of their partner. They are expert at speaking to me brazenly and resolving conflicts effectively. Their potential to empathize and understand their partner\’s goals makes them a great deal much less likely to be looking for emotional connection or validation outside of the doors of the relationship.

2. Strong Values and Ethics:

Women who prioritize sturdy moral and ethical values are a great deal much less likely to interact in cheating behavior. They understand the importance of determination and fidelity in dating and are committed to upholding the values of the one.

3. Effective Communication Skills:

Open and honest communique is vital in any dating. Women who are expert communicators are better equipped to cope with issues and express their goals, and artwork via traumatic conditions inside the dating. Effective communique reduces the risk of misunderstandings or unmet goals that could bring about infidelity.

4. Contentment and Satisfaction:

Women who are content with material fabric and satisfied in their dating are a great deal much less likely to be looking for success in a few different vicinity. Feeling appreciated, loved, and valued with the resource of the usage of their partner contributes to their well-known happiness, decreasing the selection to look for validation or intimacy outside of doors the relationship.

5. Commitment to Relationship Growth:

Women who are committed to the increase and durability of their dating are a great deal much less likely to cheat. They invest time and effort in nurturing the relationship, exploring new memories together, and finding strategies to make the relationship exciting and enjoyable.

6. Supportive Social Networks:

Having a supportive network of friends and personal family can also have an impact on a woman’s risk of cheating. Women with sturdy manual systems are more likely to reveal to their loved ones for advice or emotional manual throughout difficult times in the vicinity of attempting to find it from a cap potential affair partner.

7. Self-Confidence:

Women who have personal healthy conceitedness and self-self perception are a great deal much less likely to be looking for validation or affirmation via infidelity. They have a sturdy sense of self-worth and are a great deal much less likely to be swayed by the resource of the usage of outdoor hobby or flattery.

8. Empathy and Understanding:

Empathetic ladies are more attuned to their partner’s goals and feelings. They attempt to understand and meet those goals, growing a stronger emotional connection that reduces the selection to look at a few different vicinities for emotional or physical satisfaction.


While there are not any guarantees in topics of the heart, one’s trends and trends can substantially reduce the risk of infidelity in a committed dating. Trust, open communique, mutual respect, and a sturdy emotional connection are essential elements for building a dating that is resilient to the temptations of infidelity. Remember that healthy and enjoyable dating requires striving and determination from every partner to ensure its durability and happiness.

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How to Tell if You’ve Been Cursed, Plus How to Break a Curse




Look out for these warning signs that you’re cursed...Click Here To Continue Reading>>

Curses are meant to call on the power of supernatural forces to punish someone. Unfortunately, they can be used against you, but we’re here to help. From signs you’re cursed to how to get rid of a curse, we’ll cover it all, below. Read on to learn how to banish the negative energy from a curse and get your positive power back. 

  • Common signs of a curse include persistent bad luck, financial hardships, and deteriorating relationships.
  • A curse will target your physical and mental well-being through illness or lack of sleep.
  • Remove a curse by performing a magic mirror spell. Place a hand mirror toward a window to reflect any negativity to the attacker.

Section 1 of 3:

  1. Step 1 You're hit with a streak of bad luck.We all experience bad days from time to time, but when one bad thing happens after another, it may be because someone has cursed you. You might get stuck in traffic, crack your phone screen, then have to pull a double shift. 
  2. You’re experiencing an onset of depression. Despite rocking a positive attitude, a mysterious heaviness could drag you down. Feelings of unexplainable anxiousness or restlessness are a sign of negative energy.If you continue to experience depression, seek help from a professional.
  3. You can’t stop having nightmares.You’re most vulnerable to a curse when asleep. As your body slows and relaxes, negative energies can strike. They call on bad omens or traumas to leave you in a state of fearfulness or exhaustion.[1]Exposure to persistent nightmares is a cause for concern. The less quality sleep you’re able to get, the more vulnerable you are to the curse during waking hours.
  4. You notice things that aren’t there. An occasional sighting from the corner of your eye is normal. But seeing indescribable shapes and figures or hearing strange sounds throughout the day isn’t. This means the curse has found new ways to create chaos. Negative energies target your mental health to create passing hallucinations.[2]If you’re experiencing ongoing hallucinations, reach out to a local healthcare provider. Cursed or not, your health should always be your number one priority.
  5. You’re suddenly ill or injured. Have you ever woken up to large bruises on your skin with no explanation of how you got them? This is one of the early signs a bad entity is attached to you. In many famous cases, like the Mummy Curses, a trend of injury or fatality is prevalent.[3]Consult a licensed healthcare provider to look for medical causes of illness or injury. For any unexplained causes, break out cleansing candles and make a protection sigil.
  6. You’re receiving ominous letters or emails. Have you been receiving eerie messages in person or online from an anonymous source? Receiving written letters or emails is your attacker bringing your curse to life.Protect yourself by reversing the cursewith a mirror box. Place the letter inside, close the box, and put a black candle on top to cast away any negative energy.
  7. You’re struggling with finances. If you’re known for being smart with your money and all of a sudden you’re flat broke, someone could be after you. Curses may affect your finances first because money is the easiest to lose.
  8. Your relationships turn sour. Curses can create division in professional, romantic, family, and platonic relationships. If one moment your partner is telling you how much they love you, and the next they dump you, it may be because someone has hexed you.

Section 2 of 3:

  1. Step 1 Identify the source of the problem.Chances are, if you’re butting heads with someone in your life they may be the cause behind your curse. This includes current and past partners, friends, or family members. Whatever the reason for the curse, before engaging in any spells or rituals, talk to them. When we can communicate, we can feel more connected to ourselves and others.[4]If you feel uncomfortable around the person you think may have cursed you, you might opt to communicate virtually rather than in person. Address the conflict between you two or ask outright if you’ve done anything to upset them. Then, apologize for your part and try to make amends. 
  2. Cast a magic mirror spell. If you need a simple self-defense spell, this is it. The magic mirror spell works by taking your attacker’s curse and flipping it back on them. To perform this spell, first cleanse your space then cast a magic circle. Map out the physical bounds of your circle by drawing it or using salt.Use a sage stick, tobacco, or a feather and wave it over your body to get rid of negative energies.[5] Take a hand mirror or small to medium-sized wall mirror. Use your tool to smudge it.Set the mirror near a window by your bed, facing outside. Light a black candle and place it in front of the mirror. Pray to the mirror and instruct it to reflect any negativity to its source. Create a phrase that represents your intention and chant for several minutes.Charge the mirror by focusing on it. Take slow breaths to practice a brief meditation. Visualize your energy flowing around you. Exhale and imagine your breath blowing over the mirror. Stay with this image for five minutes, meditating as you do.

Section 3 of 3:

  1. Step 1 Use an amulet for safety.Amulets are objects that are either naturally made or man-made.[6] For centuries, their healing and protection abilities offered warriors good luck.[7] To use their power, just like crystals, they must be cleansed and charged.Cleanse your amulet by researching its specific cultural, spiritual, or religious origins. Following its authentic cleansing ritual will make its power stronger. For example, use Holy Water for a Catholic amulet.[8] After cleansing, approach the amulet with a clear intention such as “I am safe.” Then perform a brief meditation or prayer.Visualize your intention as a light energy that is going into your amulet. Consecrate your amulet through prayer, chants, or verbalizing your intention. This will give the amulet its protection powers.Blow on the amulet a few times to give it your energy and intention. Thank your amulet for receiving your intention and protecting you. Repeat this process once every week after cleansing for the duration of your curse. 
  2. Cast a protection spell. Smoke magic is a simple protection spell. It uses candles, herbs, or incense to clear away negative energy and unwanted spirits.[9]Start your protection ritual with herbs like frankincense, pine, or rosemary. Alternatively, grab a black candle to release negative energy. Before burning your scents or candles, set an intention.For example, “As I light this candle, please protect me from any negative energies, forces, or entities that wish me ill. I ask for forgiveness for any wrongdoings on my part. I ask for safety to pursue my path and purpose.”Once you are content with your intention, light your tool. Watch it burn as you sit with your thoughts until it’s completed.
  3. Step 3 You may not have been cursed in the first place.Don’t feel bad—many of us jump to conclusions. Sometimes when unexplainable, bad things happen one after the other it can feel like someone—or the universe—is out to get us.However, if your spells don’t work, it may be because you haven’t been cursed. Keep a positive attitude and remain patient—the bad luck or feelings you’re experiencing will pass. 

Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki that is building the world’s largest and highest quality how-to manual. Please eidit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Tell if You’ve Been Cursed, Plus How to Break a Curse. Content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons License.

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Things married women think about when they see a handsome man: Dark to funny confessions that you cannot miss




Here are some dark confessions

Here are some dark confessions
When we are married, thoughts about attractive strangers often weave a nuanced narrative. From temptation to whimsical daydreams, married women navigate a spectrum of emotions. Here are some honest but anonymous confessions, that range from dark to naughty to absurd experiences that many women will be able to relate with. Read on to know that you are not alone! readmore

The temptation tango

The temptation tango
As a married woman, I confess that when a handsome stranger catches my eye, there’s a clandestine dance that begins in my mind—a tempting tango, in a sense. It’s not about straying from commitment but rather an acknowledgment of the allure that exists in the world. In these moments, when I see a handsome man, I find myself doing the delicate dance between admiration and loyalty, appreciating beauty without compromising the sacred vows that bind me to the man I chose to marry.

The imaginary escape

The imaginary escape
Amid the routines and responsibilities of married life, there are times when a fleeting thought crosses my mind—a whimsical, even amusing daydream. It’s a momentary escape into a parallel universe where the handsome stranger sweeps me off my feet, and we embark on an adventurous, romantic journey. It is typical Mills & Boon but these thoughts, though entirely fanciful, give me a whimsical mental respite, a brief flight of imagination that adds a dash of humor to the mundane.

The nostalgic what-ifs

The nostalgic what-ifs
There are moments when I see a particularly attractive gentleman, a nostalgic reel plays in my mind. What if I had met him before my current chapter? What if circumstances were different? These thoughts are not a desire for a different reality but rather a reflection on the winding paths life takes us on. They’re reminders of the complexity and unpredictability of love stories. There is guilt too but I nip it in the bud within a few minutes.

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10 Reasons Married Women Don’t Have Feelings For Their Husband




It is quite easy for married couples to grow apart years down the line if they do not exert some intentional efforts to remain in love....Click Here To Continue Reading>>

Some couples live together as husband and wife, but they have fallen out of love with each other.

They only live together as dads and moms and no more as husband and wife; the romantic feelings have faded away.

If, as a woman, you take a long look at your husband and sadly realise that you no longer have feelings for him, the things that used to tickle your fancy in the past no longer mean much to you, this article is for you.

Let’s discuss the likely reasons behind your current predicament.

10 Reasons You Have No Feelings For Your Husband

1. You stopped dating each other.

Why do I have no feelings for my husband

Marriage does not need to put an end to dating.

The things you did with each other while dating should not stop because you got married.

It is important that you both always make efforts to spend time alone with each other, away from the kids and other family members.

Attend couples’ hangouts together.

You still need to go out on dates and enjoy yourselves together as the lovebirds that you were.

True that this will not come as effortlessly as it did pre-marriage days, and this is where intentionality comes in.

Dealing with work and family responsibilities could shield your eyes from noticing the things you loved about each other, such that you no longer fantasize about each other as before.

2. You criticise more than you commend each otherWhy Do I Have No Feelings For My Husband?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of constant criticisms in marriage.

One of the valuable lessons we learnt during our pre-marriage counselling sessions was to endeavour to focus on each other’s positive sides.

If you constantly give more attention to what your husband is not doing right or doing your way, you will unwittingly tamper with your feelings for him.

When you need to correct each other, do so in love and avoid always pointing accusing fingers.

You are a team and should always act as one. If you constantly police each other, you will sooner or later get wary and weary of each other.

Frequently tell each other what you love about each other so that when you mention what one person is not doing right, they do not feel like you are implying they are a bad partner.

3. You made your children your new love

Why do I have no feelings for my husband

When children enter a marriage, it is often a different ball game altogether.

They require a lot of attention and time.

It is, therefore, easy for partners to forget their obligations towards each other as a couple while they focus on the children.

Women are more often guilty of this.

They are more prone to neglect their husbands when they begin to have kids.

However, this happens mostly when the husband is not hands-on in caring for the children.

Parent together and go through the experience together.

This way, you both know what is involved and clearly tell when you can afford to take some time off together.

Neither of you will feel left out.

Also, appreciate and embrace help from trusted people when it comes your way.

4. You live apart for too long

Long-distance marriage is one other cause of the depletion of affection in marriages.

If work has to put you both apart for too long, it is likely to have an adverse effect on your marriage.

The ideal intent of marriage was never to live apart, so if this happens because of socio-economic demands that obtain these days, you both should strive to keep it as short as possible.

Living apart may open you up to too many temptations, making you think less of your partner as the days prolong.

5. You compare your partner to other people

Why do I have no feelings for my husband

Comparison is a thief of joy.

When you are fond of looking at other men to find out what they possess and where your husband is lacking, you will deprive yourself of the sweet feelings you should have for your husband.

You need to constantly remind yourself that your husband has his own unique qualities.

You could be shocked to discover that there are other qualities that your husband has that the other person’s partner probably wishes her husband had too.

Contentment will make you cherish what you have as a blessing and stop wishing you could get better.

If your husband observes that you think of him in this light, he could begin to nurture offences that will inevitably culminate into frequent fights.

So tell me, how wouldn’t your feelings for each other be thus affected?

6. Your husband abuses you

Why do I have no feelings for my husband

People say there is a thin line between love and hate.

If you used to love someone, but they began to abuse you, there is no way the initial romantic feelings for him will be sustained.

You will probably gaze at him and wonder why you fell in love with him in the first place.

You gradually also begin to withdraw the affection you used to have for him.

7. He cheats on you

Why Do I Have No Feelings For My Husband?

You fell in love with him because he made you feel like you are the best thing that has happened and will ever happen to him.

He promised to spend the rest of his life with you alone.

Alas, it was all lies. He now cheats on you.

He now makes you feel inadequate for him.

He now lies to you without batting a lid.

This could be why you no longer feel anything good for him.

If anything, you probably now resent him.

8. He is not who you thought he was

Why do I have no feelings for my husband

If you discover that your feelings for him were founded on lies, they will most likely not remain the same.

In marriage, you now make a lot of shocking discoveries about your husband.

You now realise that you have been taken for a fool and that his reality is a far cry from what he portrayed himself to be. The feelings you have for him will fizzle out in no time.

Core factors such as his job, family background, health status, qualifications, etc., are all lies, so it will not be surprising if you no longer adore him as you used to.

If feelings must be retained, partners must stay true to each other.

Deception is a very potent romance killer.

9. He doesn’t defend you

Women generally love the idea of a knight in shining armour.

Who doesn’t want their husband to have their backs always?

However, love can gradually wane when the husband shrinks from this and doesn’t defend his wife.

If his family are constantly unkind to you and he doesn’t defend you, you might find that you no longer feel the same about him.

10. He does not help you out around the house

Why do I have no feelings for my husband

House chores can be very overwhelming.

If your husband considers this your sole duty and makes you feel like a servant in your own house, your feelings for him may suffer.

He creates the mess and expects you to always clean up after him.

You may start to wonder what sort of a man claims to love his wife yet watches her losing herself in a pile of chores.

This will most likely get to you if you are someone like me whose foremost love language is acts of service.

When you need help, and he seems oblivious, please communicate.


It is good that you have observed that you no longer have feelings for your husband, which bothers you.

Being unbothered in a situation like this could open the marriage to trials and temptations.

Therefore, it is high time you did something to reignite the spark.

Reminisce on old times and find a way to bring them to the fore.

Search your core and focus on the positive things you love about your partner.

You may find out that he is not the problem and that you both jointly need to face the problem and fight for your love as it was in the beginning.

Seeking professional help is also an option that could be explored.

Lastly, the best way to communicate to your husband that you desire a change is to start doing the things even you ceased doing.

If you want more, communicate by giving more.

If the marriage still means anything to him, he will get the message and possibly start reciprocating.

You could start by giving him a massage like you used to do in those days.

Give him a treat you haven’t given him in a long while.

Hopefully, he will also start to miss the good old days, and the feelings will be restored.

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