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Euro 2024: Spain in the final of the European Championship




EM Morata limps off the pitch

Steward chases streaker and tackles Spain captain

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World-class goal and a stroke of genius – Spain’s entry into the final in video

The Spanish national team moves into the European Championship final and dreams of a fourth title. After falling behind early on, 16-year-old Yamal and Olmo turn the game around within a few minutes with a dream goal. Watch the highlights of the match here in the video.

Spain deservedly made it to the final of the European Championship. After the victory, the team celebrated with their fans when a streaker stormed onto the pitch. He and a steward slipped and hit Spain’s captain Álvaro Morata.

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The Spanish support staff, coaches and physiotherapists formed a guard of honor on the halfway line of the Munich stadium. They were waiting for the national team, who were still celebrating with the fans in front of the fan block after their 2:1 win against France in the semi-final of the European Championship. Then the heroes came running and ran through the guard of honor into the catacombs to the applause of the coaches and support staff. But one professional was limping and kept shaking his head – Álvaro Morata.

The reason for his limp is strange. During the celebration in front of the stands, Spain’s centre-forward was tackled by a streaker. A security guard ran after a streaker who apparently wanted to take selfies with the Spaniards. Both slipped while sprinting and hit Morata when they lost their footing.

Stewards, streakers and a team member bring down Alvaro Morata READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Quelle: Getty Images/Alex Grimm

It was not clear in the evening whether Morata was seriously injured in the unfortunate incident and whether he will be able to play in the final on Sunday in Berlin (9 p.m., MagentaTV and in the live ticker on WELT). There, the Spaniards will face the winner of the second semi-final between the Netherlands and England. Whoever they play against, Spain will go into the final as favorites.

Streaker causes painful scene – Spain’s captain is tackled

After the Spanish national team reached the final, a streaker caused some unpleasant moments. A steward tried to catch the man and in the process tackled Spain’s captain. He was visibly in pain after the incident. The scene can be seen in the video.

The team has been too dominant at the European Championships so far. Luis de la Fuente’s team has won all five of its matches so far and has been completely convincing. The team also deservedly won against France, which put in its best performance of the tournament. Lamine Yamal and Dani Olmo turned the game around with a double strike in the first half.

“It really doesn’t matter whether England or the Netherlands come”

“We’re just one step away. We deserve to be in the final. It really doesn’t matter whether we face England or the Netherlands,” said Olmo. Yamal made history with his goal to make it 1-1. The 16-year-old is now the youngest goalscorer in European Championship history.

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“We were behind. I grabbed the ball and just shot. I’m just enjoying it, I’m proud that we’re in the final,” said Yamal, who celebrates his 17th birthday one day before the final: “I want to have the victory in the final as a present.”

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North Korea’s Threats Prompt Caution as South Korean Government Declines to Restrict Leaflet Scattering




yunhap news
There is a possibility that North Korea will strike at the origins of leaflet scattering by domestic civic groups, but the government does not plan to request that the groups refrain from scattering leaflets.

A Ministry of Unification official met with reporters at the government complex in Seoul on the 25th and said about concerns about North Korea’s artillery attack, “In the past, North Korea has threatened to strike at the source of anti-North Korea leaflets, so I think the relevant groups are aware of that situation.”

When asked whether they would request self-restraint in scattering leaflets due to concerns about the possibility of artillery fire from North Korea, a Unification Ministry official responded, “This has already been reported and the groups themselves are probably well aware of it,” reaffirming their existing policy of not directly requesting self-restraint. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Meanwhile, Minister of National Defense Shin Won-sik said in an interview with Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun the previous day, “Vice Department Director of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Yo-jong signaled a change in response in her statement on the 16th criticizing the scattering of leaflets by a South Korean civilian group,” and “There is a possibility that they will shoot down South Korean balloons used to scatter leaflets or fire or shell the bases from which the balloons are flying, so we are closely monitoring the situation.”
2024-07-25 15:49:57
#Ministry #Unification #Organizations #Aware #Situation #Concerns #North #Koreas #AntiNorth #Korea #Leaflets #Striking #Origin

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Belgian Grand Prix 2024: Lando Norris regrets McLaren’s team orders row overshadowed Oscar Piastri’s maiden win




Lando Norris says he is not proud that McLaren’s team orders drama at the Hungarian Grand Prix has overshadowed team-mate Oscar Piastri’s maiden Formula 1 victory.

The 24-year-old was pitted ahead of race leader Piastri during the final pit stops at the Hungaroring, placing him at the front of the field and Australian Piastri in second place.

After several radio messages between himself and his engineer Will Joseph, Norris finally obeyed the request to move aside with two laps remaining so Piastri could claim the win.

While the one-two finish was a moment to celebrate for McLaren, Norris says the intra-team row was something he has “not felt too proud about”.

He added: “Could it have been handled slightly differently from both a team side and from a personal side? Yes, absolutely. We wouldn’t be having this conversation now in some ways.”

Norris, who started on pole position but was overtaken by Piastri on the opening lap, said if the same situation happens again, the right thing to do will be to let his team-mate “pass straight away”.

“It’s such a stupid thing that I didn’t because we’re free to race,” he added. “I could just let him pass and still try to race and overtake him.

“It sounds so simple now, but it’s not something that went through my head at the time.” READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Norris heads into this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix second in the drivers’ championship, but some critics felt his decision to give up a winning opportunity – even if it would have caused tension within the team – was something other top drivers would not have contemplated.

“Whether people on the outside think, and come up with their own stories, of what happened and what I would’ve done and wouldn’t have done – I don’t mind about that,” he said.

“The fact we had a one-two and that was barely a headline after the race – nothing was really spoken about it from that side – that’s the bit I felt worst about.

“But it’s the things that I could have done; the fact that I clouded over Oscar’s race win, his first race win in F1, is something I’ve not felt too proud about.”

Round 14 in Belgium is the final race before F1’s mid-season summer break.

2024-07-25 17:32:22
#Belgian #Grand #Prix #Lando #Norris #regrets #McLarens #team #orders #row #overshadowed #Oscar #Piastris #maiden #win

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Zoos react to swine fever and bluetongue




Until recently, Sabrina Linn thought it was out of the question that there would ever be a shortage of space because of the yellow-backed duiker. For years, the few zoos in Europe that housed two specimens of these endangered mammals each tried in vain to breed. And even now, after there were surprising and gratifying breeding successes in Frankfurt and Nuremberg this year, there is of course still no talk of overpopulation.

Nevertheless, the curator, who also keeps the international studbook for yellow-backed duikers, now has a problem with her four animals in Frankfurt Zoo. “We actually wanted to bring a female duiker to Berlin by September at the latest, where she would have more offspring,” says Linn, who points out the great time pressure in the fight to save the species. In addition, the enclosure of the female, which currently has to be housed alone, will soon be urgently needed for the okapis again.

Brush-eared pigs could be restricted

But now it is no longer possible to transport animals. The zoo is also affected by the current animal epidemics. Due to the new type of bluetongue virus and the lack of approval for a vaccine, transporting yellow-backed duikers is currently out of the question, even though there have been virtually no cases of the disease in zoos in recent years. “However, when transporting ungulates, we are still subject to the same rules that apply to grazing animals in order to contain the virus,” says Linn.

The swine fever that is rampant in southern Hesse is also having an impact. Three brush-eared pigs live in the zoo, and Linn expects strict regulations to be introduced soon. “Frankfurt is not yet part of the restriction zone, but that is probably only a matter of time. The wild boars are migrating and will reach our region as well.” There are emergency plans for this, which at least spare the pigs from having to be kept in stables. “As other federal states have already experienced swine fever, fortunately the restrictions have been relaxed in recent years,” says the curator. “We would only have to seal off the area where the animals are kept, which is quite easy for us because of the location of the enclosure.” READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Caring for the animals: Curator Sabrina Linn with a yellow-backed duiker.Frankfurt Zoo/ Klaus Rudloff

The example shows that when epidemics break out in animal husbandry, things are not much different than in human society. “Just as we had to learn to deal with and live with Corona, the same is true in animal husbandry of the epidemics that are increasingly affecting us and keeping us busy. There is no other option than to act pragmatically,” says Linn. “Otherwise, at some point, disease control would restrict animal protection and impair animal welfare, for example by keeping wild animals in stables that are unacceptable.”

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