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From Basketball Star to Cloistered Nun: The Inspiring Journey of Oriana Milazzo




Oriana Milazzo, 31, has chosen to become a Clarissa. From a promising Italian basketball player to a consecrated life in a monastery in Alcamo

There are Calls and Calls (and the capital letter is not accidental). Because there is for example that of the National Under 20 Basketball Team, a dream she nurtured as a child and that perhaps she would never have imagined she would realize and then there is the other, the most important one, the Call, with a capital C, which led her to leave basketball at 22 years old – with her debut in Serie A1 – to say yes to God and consecrate herself as a cloistered nun.

Sister Chiara Luce

She is Sister Chiara Luce, born Oriana Milazzo, now 31 years old, originally from Canicattì, who just a few days ago in Alcamo with her solemn profession said yes forever to the contemplative life among the Poor Sisters of Santa Chiara. Canicattì also has a pretty good tradition when it comes to vocations: from Rosario Livatino, the magistrate killed by the mafia, a martyr of justice proclaimed Blessed, to the servant of God Father Gioacchino who is venerated in these parts, to Bishop Angelo Ficarra, the man who edited the entry for Saint Jerome for Treccani. The story of Sister Chiara Luce, who La Sicilia was able to contact thanks to her father, Prof. Michele Milazzo, is beautiful. She seems to radiate light even from the other end of the phone, where with a sweet voice – have you ever tried to imagine the voice of an angel? Sister Chiara Luce’s comes close – she doesn’t say the classic “Hello?”. The opening line is “Peace and good.” And peace and goodness seem to guide her story, of how she decided to become a cloistered nun, answering questions, even those that may have seemed banal to her: who are we to delve into such an intimate choice?

The angelic voice

“Certainly my choice – said Sister Chiara Luce and as you read remember the angelic voice – did not come from one day to the next. It is a light that has made itself felt ever more clearly along a path that has unfolded over time. Then when I understood my vocation everything unfolded in three years (until the solemn profession of the last few days, ed.). So certainly not from one day to the next”. Sister Chiara Luce (“Should I call her Oriana or Sister Chiara Luce?”, “I am Sister Chiara Luce”, she says) thus tells her life and why she decided to embrace the consecrated life in the monastery of Santa Chiara in Alcamo. A story that is intertwined with her life as an athlete: “Within the Call – says Sister Chiara Luce – there is also a special place where the Lord guides us with Providence. I arrived, or rather, I returned to Alcamo and I already knew this monastery and I understood that the Lord was calling me right here”.

The connection with basketball

The connection with basketball is easily explained: a promising Sicilian and then Italian women’s basketball player, she left Canicattì at the age of thirteen to play with Alcamo, which was then in Serie A2. “And already then – Sister Chiara Luce immediately explains – there was my first encounter with the monastery because, being small, just 13 years old, my parents had entrusted me to a family that was very close to the monastery and so through them I came into contact with the nuns. I was very struck by the atmosphere that you could breathe inside that monastery”. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

The fact is that Oriana Milazzo (her role was the point guard, which in soccer, to simplify, is the director) was so good at playing basketball that she was first called by Priolo, the team that had been the protagonist of Italian women’s basketball for years, immediately after came her debut in Serie A1 and then also the call to the youth national teams. Only that there was something that evidently called her from Alcamo: «After Priolo I returned to Alcamo and I was 18 years old. I remembered the monastery and so I got even closer». A very strong call that Sister Chiara Luce attributes to Providence. And to think that Oriana who grew up in Canicattì in the neighborhood of via Barone Lombardo was a girl like many others: middle school, high school, the idea of ​​enrolling in Medicine and then working in Africa with the missionaries. «I went to church – she says -, on Sundays to mass with mom and dad, catechism, communion, confirmation. I lived like all girls, nurturing a passion for sports. First on the fields of my father’s soccer school and then, since there was no women’s soccer, I dedicated myself to basketball. It was a tool to make friends and transmit my values. With sacrifice you get results and with sports you grow.”

The call

“Then I understood,” Sister Chiara Luce continues, “and at 22 I stopped playing even though by the grace of God I was in Serie A1 also playing for the National team (in international events in Serbia, Sweden and Latvia, ed.)”. In fact, the real Call was another and so the visits to the nuns of the convent of Alcamo became more and more frequent: “There is a period of getting to know each other without anything special,” Sister Chiara Luce says. “Any girl who wants to get to know the sisters can do so, they are always available to listen in the parlor. I approached them out of curiosity and asked to speak to some of the sisters and from there I began a journey of discernment. I had everything I wanted but it wasn’t enough. So I sought God’s will and during this journey I asked for help from a priest and a sister. It is a progressive journey that the Lord has illuminated.” Then there are those stages that remain etched in the memory that, in one way or another, play a role in the choices that are made: «I participated in the Youth Day in Madrid in 2011 with Pope Benedict XVI and from there I understood that there was a call. Then in 2012 another gathering, again with Pope Benedict …». And here the reason why she chose to call herself Sister Chiara Luce is revealed: «It was the day that Saint Clare began the journey of consecration. But I didn’t know it and it was the Pope who said it. Do you see that the Lord speaks in our lives and calls us? And I chose Chiara Luce because it was said that in Assisi Saint Clare, even if she kept herself hidden in the monastery, radiated her light outside».

The closing

Today Sister Chiara Luce is a cloistered nun, and it is true cloistered: «Our life takes place inside the monastery; the day is marked by prayer and work. The first thing is prayer but we also offer a listening service to couples in difficulty or people who want to talk, to girls who approach us. We do it in the parlor where there is a grate which is a significant sign». The grate is always there: «I left my dearest affections like mum and dad but in cloistered life and prayer I found them with an even stronger love. We see each other once a month, except during Lent and Christmas when we cannot have contact with the outside. Cloistered life is not a constraint but is almost a need of the heart and is part of the call received to serve our brothers and sisters and the world. We do not become alienated but separate ourselves from the world to be even more effective». COPYRIGHT LASICILIA.IT © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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The Fastest Olympic Ball Game: Badminton’s Golden Smashes





Of all the Olympic ball games, the fastest is none other than badminton.

The speed of the shuttlecock listed in the Guinness Book of World Records is over 400 km/h, and we look forward to seeing our athletes’ fast and powerful ‘golden smashes’ at the upcoming Paris Olympics.

This is reporter Lee Dae-geon reporting.


Se-Young Ahn, world number one in badminton, performs a quick smash attack.

He injured his right knee last year, but his smashing is still alive.

Standing at 184cm tall, Seo Seung-jae’s smash is even more threatening when he is left-handed.

[서승재 / 배드민턴 국가대표 : 오른손잡이랑 쳤을 때 코스 변화랑 너무 다르기 때문에 당황했던 부분이 많이 있을 거로 생각하는데….]

The shuttlecock used in badminton weighs 4.74 to 5.5 g and has a total length of 62 to 70 mm.

Although it is that light, it is fast, reaching a top average speed of around 330 km/h.

The highest speed recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records is said to be 426 km/h, set by a Danish athlete in 2017.

This is more noticeable when compared to other ball games. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, table tennis, ice hockey and tennis fall far short, and even golf, which might be expected to be the fastest, is much slower.

That means badminton players have no choice but to be extremely focused throughout the game.

That’s why it’s called ‘the fastest brain sport invented by mankind.’

At this Paris Olympics, our national team players will also take on the ‘gold challenge’ with fast and strong smashing.

[안세영 / 배드민턴 국가대표 : 낭만 있게 끝낼 수 있도록 응원해주세요!

YTN 이대건입니다.

영상편집 : 오훤슬기
디자인 : 백승민

YTN 이대건 ([email protected])

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The Refugee Olympic Team, a message of hope and solidarity




They will be the second team to parade on July 26 on the Seine, behind the Greek delegation, during the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Little known to the general public, the Olympic refugee team has been growing and becoming more and more established since the Rio 2016 Games. Meet its athletes with extraordinary backgrounds whose dream of participating in the competition and representing more than 100 million refugees is coming true today.

From our special correspondent in Bayeux,

« Bam, bam, bam! » The blows of hands and feet on the training targets make an incredible din amidst which the shouts of the athletes pierce. The day has barely begun and the sweat is flowing freely. The young Syrian Adnan Khankan takes off his kimono jacket, wipes his face and grabs his mobile phone. With oriental music playing loudly, he re-energizes his new comrades for an interminable series of push-ups.

In this gymnasium in Bayeux, a symbolic town in Calvados for its history during the Landing, athletes from combat sports, boxing, judo, wrestling and taekwondo train tirelessly to be ready for the I of Paris 2024. A few steps from the hall in a stadium, others are doing laps on foot, on bikes, while upstairs a young Afghan girl is reproducing her breakdancing demonstration in front of a gigantic mirror. Twelve sports in total are practiced here.

Outstanding athletes…

The athletes met for the first time just 48 hours ago, some of them having taken refuge in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, etc. Everyone is in a good mood, laughing and joking. It’s the first time we’ve all met and it’s a unique and very special moment, explains former Swiss swimming champion Anne-Sophie Thilo, communications officer for the Refugee Olympic Team (ROT). We see them first and foremost as refugees, but above all, they are athletes. Some of them find each other after having practiced their sport together in their home country! It is simply incredible. »

These 37 athletes from eleven different countries (mostly Afghans, Iranians and Syrians) form the 2024 Refugee Olympic Team. They were chosen based on their sporting abilities at the continental and international level, but also based on their refugee status — recognized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Little known to the general public, this is nevertheless the third time that the Refugee Olympic Team has competed at the Games. And this year, for the first time, the team will parade with its own flag, like the other Olympic teams, symbolized by a red heart surrounded by arrows, a unifying symbol that gives the team a unique identity.

Accept Manage my choices

« The family has grown since the last editions, it’s greatconfides Masomah Ali Zada, the head of this mission, herself a former Olympic cyclist and refugee from Afghanistan. These athletes made their dream come true. “And for good reason: this team represents no less than 120 million refugees in the world.” The common point between them, although they all have atypical backgrounds, is resilience. They never gave up despite the difficulties. “Difficulties that they rarely talk about because the psychological ordeal was so laborious for them. They were also given a “media training” course so that they would not be helpless when faced with certain questions. Dwelling on the past when you are there primarily to forget and rebuild yourself in front of the world’s media is far from easy.” It can bring back injuries, some athletes have a hard time recovering from it. We talk to them a lot about their experiences, often more than their sporting results. It’s kind of logical, but it’s painful for many of them. “, confides a source from the EOR staff.

Masomah Ali Zada, right, head of mission of the Refugee Olympic Team with members of the delegation, in Bayeux on July 17, 2024. © Anne Bernas/RFI READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Stories of lives turned upside down

« I am glad that there are many Syrians, we share our trajectory together. We have experienced the same problems “, says Yahya al-Ghotany. Forced to flee Syria with his family when war broke out more than a decade ago, he settled in the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan, where he began practicing taekwondo. Today, at 20, he lives alone in Amman and trains twice a day at the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation’s (THF) Azraq Academy. If the war in Syria ever ends, would he want to be on the Syrian Olympic team? Yahya shuts down and refuses to answer.

Omid Ahmadisafa is also one of them. Visibly uncomfortable in front of the microphone, he keeps his large black sunglasses on his youthful face. In Iran, his home country, he was a member of the national boxing and kickboxing team. In the latter discipline, he won gold at the world championships. He fled Iran to settle in Germany in 2022. As an IOC scholarship holder for refugee athletes, the young man is now training boxing with the German national team. I left my country to hope for a better future and leave all the problems there. Being part of this refugee team is showing that you can make your dream come true. “A dream that will be closely watched by his family who remained in Iran, but who, thanks to social networks, follow Omid’s journey and exploits and feel ” so proud ».

« Me, my loved ones and my supporters follow me and encourage me enormously from Congo-Brazzaville and elsewhere. It encourages me enormously and makes me want to give my all in Paris, even better than during my participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. “, rejoices Dorian Keleta, 25, a 100m runner. The young man started running at the age of fifteen. He does not say it and his face that exudes the joy of living does not give it away, but after losing both his parents, he was forced to leave his hometown at the age of seventeen, arriving first in Lisbon and finally settling in Paris.

Dorian Keletela during training with his coach, July 17, 2024 in Bayeux. © Anne Bernas/RFI

Came to France in 2018 for “ political reasons “, the Ethiopian athlete (1,500 m) Farida Abaroge will not dwell further on her “life before.” I’m just here to talk about sports, please. “Like the other members of the EOR, it is therefore for sport that she is here and will not say a word about her travels in many countries before arriving in France where she requested asylum and has since become a refugee. The only memory of her past that the 30-year-old woman agrees to talk about is therefore the one that relates to her passion. ” Since I was little in Ethiopia, I have been doing sports, I started with karate, then football and running.. » Admitting that she feels a certain stress, Farida, all smiles, explains like her companions that this participation in the Olympic Games is a dream come true, ” and what’s more I’m in the same room as another Ethiopian, it’s great, we share everything “Her compatriot being Eyeru Gebru, a cyclist who has represented her country at major championships and who, at the African continental championships, won a silver medal in the women’s road race in 2019 and gold medals in the team time trial in 2018 and 2019. She fled Ethiopia due to the civil war in the north of the country in 2021.

Cyclists from the Refugee Olympic Team, in Bayeux on July 17, 2024. © Anne Bernas/RFI

A mix of cultures, languages, and histories, the Refugee Olympic Team, 85 people in total, forms a real family that exudes a crazy energy, a feeling that is palpable just by being around them. A close-knit delegation that is extremely proud to be present at these 2024 Olympic Games. Before leaving Normandy for the Parisian Olympic Village and for the “serious” things to begin, the Refugee Team delegation enjoys a last breath of fresh air on the immense beach of Arromanches-les-Bains, about ten kilometers from Bayeux. Between two souvenir photos, an impromptu football match takes place and everyone bursts out laughing under the curious eyes of the vacationers who discover the existence of this unusual team that hopes for the first time in its history to collect medals in Paris. The dream I still have is that this team no longer exists, that there are no more refugees in the world. That everyone can live in peace in their country. “, says mission leader Masomah Ali Zada. A dream that will probably not come true before several Olympics, including the next Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028.

The 85 members of the Refugee Olympic Team (athletes, coaches, caregivers, translators, etc.), on the beach of Arromanches-les-Bains, July 17, 2024. © Anne Bernas/RFI

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Chicago Bulls Sign DJ Steward to Two-Way Contract, Providing Opportunity for NBA Debut




The Chicago Bulls have decided to add DJ Steward to their roster through a contract two-wayas announced by Adrian Wojnarowski, a journalist from ESPN. In this way, the point guard manages to earn a new opportunity to try his luck in the league while also being part of the Windy City Bulls of the G League, where he will have the opportunity to test his virtues.

Steward has never made his NBA debut, but he has had some experience in the league’s ecosystem, either thanks to the two-way contract he signed with the Kings in 2022 or doing the preseason with the Celtics last year. However, these decisions have always led him to play in the G League, either with the Stockton Kings or the Maine Celtics, with whom he had his best season last year by averaging 19.4 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game.

However, it was his performance in the Las Vegas Summer League that really led the Bulls to opt for him for one of their dual contracts. With 17.4 points, 6.4 assists, 40% accuracy in three-pointers and a great defensive performance, Steward has emerged as one of the most interesting players in the tournament, and Chicago did not want to miss the opportunity to count on his services. Now he will have to work to get his first minutes in the NBA regular season, and if he takes advantage of them as well as he did in Las Vegas, it is more than likely that he will start to step onto the court with some regularity.

More NBAKevin Durant leaves for the Warriors READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

(Cover photo: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

2024-07-22 09:00:00
#Chicago #incorpora #D.J #Steward

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