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Mario Basler’s Candid Opinions on Young Talents and Euro 2020 Drama




Mario Basler clearly expresses his opinion in the RTL show.Image: IMAGO/Beautiful Sports/ Jan Kaefer


Mario Basler once enjoyed great success as a footballer. In 1996 he became European champion, despite not playing on the pitch due to injury. The 55-year-old is known for openly expressing his opinion on TV shows. In the latest edition of “The RTL EM Studio – All Games, Goals, Emotions” he spoke alongside Thomas Helmer and Nils Petersen about the young talents on the ball. This also applies to 16-year-old Lamine Yamal, who is in the semifinals with the Spanish team.

Jude Bellingham and Jamal Musiala were also in the spotlight. Moderator Elton emphasised: “You get the feeling that you’re getting younger and younger when you join the national team.” Petersen emphasised: “It’s disgusting when you’re already in the spotlight. That changes a lot for you. I’m curious to see how long they stay at this level.”

He also made it clear: “We used to be thrown in at the deep end at 22 or 23, but now they have to be able to function at 16.” In the course of the conversation, it became clear that Mario Basler in particular had different views and clearly expressed them. That’s how the moment came when Elton asked him directly about it.

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Mario Basler speaks out in favor of Jude Bellingham

As they were talking about Lamine Yamal, Mario Basler immediately interjected. Thomas Helmer initially stated that the team accepted his age “because he is so good”. He said that this would therefore be an exception. Basler pointed out that the big teams would first have to prove their worth as a whole. Afterwards they talked about Jude Bellingham.

The 21-year-old recently attracted attention with an obscene gesture in the European Championship round of 16 match against Slovakia. Elton asked himself: “Don’t you go crazy when you’re so successful and are in all the newspapers?” Petersen said openly: “It would have changed me if I had been put in the spotlight like that.” Helmer explained: “The teammates or the coach then have to intervene and influence him. I mean, this is not the first time.”

Basler, on the other hand, emphasized that Bellingham “is an exceptional footballer.” Musiala, like Bellingham, is 21 years old. Helmer thought that Musiala was the player of the tournament for him. “He always wants it, he has that will. In contrast to Bellingham, I like his behavior much better.” However, Basler had a clear point of criticism regarding his playing skills, even though Elton explained that Musiala’s statistics were significantly better than Bellingham’s. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Elton is surprised by Basler’s statement

Basler emphasized: “I’m surprised now that Musiala has only taken ten shots in five games. There were three preliminary round matches, the round of 16 and the quarter finals. I think that’s a bit low for his class.” Helmer summed up by saying that he thought Musiala and Basel’s Bellingham were better. He therefore asked Petersen to give his opinion.

The 35-year-old said: “You always start from yourself. I’m more of a fan of Musiala and Wirtz.” He particularly likes their down-to-earth nature. Petersen added: “But I also understand that if you want to be a star or an entertainer, you have to be a little crazy. Of course, a Jew like Bellingham can do more than that.”

Finally, Elton presented a survey. The question was who the audience was celebrating with. Basler said: “I’m for Spain because the other three have played a total disaster so far.” Elton was surprised by this statement and asked whether this was also the case in the Netherlands.

Basler takes stock of remaining teams

Basler stuck to his guns and ranted: “Yes, in the last game against Turkey it was undeserved. What they played was not football. You can forget about the English anyway and the French are also jumping around a bit.” The moderator commented: “You’re a bit of a riot today.” The Dutch team’s second half would have been good.

Elton alternates with Jan Köppen to host the RTL show.Image: RTL / Anne Werner

But Basler stuck to his guns. The audience, on the other hand, put the Netherlands in first place and is now rooting for the team the most. Helmer commented: “Although Spain is already the best team.” At the end, Elton once again addressed the DFB team’s elimination: “Many people still say that Germany was knocked out because they finally played against a good team.”

Basler emphasised: “That is a correct statement. Folks, we must not confuse one thing: We have Scotland and Hungary, and then with Switzerland we had an opponent for the first time who challenged us. There was only a draw here. We were knocked out by the Spanish.”

On September 2, 2023, the rock band Imagine Dragons played at the Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan. The concert was widely criticized because of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which is responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe in the Nagorno-Karabakh region in between.

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Chiba Jets Funabashi Collaborates in Fun Jump! Basketball 2024 Grit Arts Cup Mini-Tournament




Thank you very much for your continued support of Chiba Jets Funabashi.

Following on from the last tournament, Chiba Jets Funabashi will be participating as a special collaborator in the mini-basketball tournament “Fun Jump! Basketball 2024 Grit Arts Cup,” organized by Kayent Inc., a company that solves global problems through the power of entertainment.

This tournament

  • I want to support the growth of children
  • Let them know the benefits of team sports (one team)
  • I want to develop my child’s independence and self-reliance.

In order to achieve this goal, the tournament has special rules, as outlined below.

  • Give equal playing time to all players.
  • Managers and coaches are prohibited from getting angry or giving instructions outside of timeouts and intervals.
  • Bonus points are awarded if everyone scores.

Recruitment for teams to participate in the tournament has begun, so we look forward to receiving many applications from teams.
For more details about the tournament, please see the summary below and the official tournament website.

competition summary

Event Outline

  • event date

    Women: December 26, 2024 (Thursday)
    Men: December 27, 2024 (Friday)

  • venue

    Kashiwa Central Gymnasium
    (73 Kashiwashita, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, 277-0004)

  • Number of teams

    16 teams each for men and women

  • Organizer

    Kayent Co., Ltd.

  • Special Support

    Chiba Jets Funabashi Co., Ltd.

  • Supporting Partners

    Regular updates

  • Media Support

    Monthly Basketball
    Bay FM

  • cooperation

    Bunmeido Tokyo Co., Ltd.
    Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • Application period

    July 22 (Month) to September 1 (Sunday), 2024 READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

  • Official tournament website

Purpose of this tournament

① I want to support my child’s growth.

Children do not grow by practicing for the sake of practicing. Experience in serious matches strongly supports children’s growth. We eliminate starting lineups and substitutes, and give all players the opportunity to play with equal playing time.

2) To let people know the benefits of team sports (one team).

We have introduced a system where even if you can’t win by individual strength, you can win against a strong opponent if you work as a team. We want people to know the greatness of team sports (one team) where everyone can cover up for individual mistakes.

3) I want to encourage my children’s initiative and independence.

Coaches are not allowed to get angry. Coaches are not allowed to give instructions from the bench except during halftime and timeouts. Coaches are encouraged to praise players for good plays.

Special tournament rules

■ Match time

  • Preliminary league (3 matches): 5 minute halves / first and second halves
  • Semi-finals/Finals: 6 minute halves/first and second halves

■ Equal playing time rule for everyone

  • Members will play in fixed teams of five for each half.
  • Therefore, there were no substitutions or five-foul ejections.
  • If a player commits 5 or more serious fouls, he or she will be asked to leave the game.
  • In that case, you will have to fight with fewer people.

■ Special rules for adding points to everyone’s score

The aim of this program is to create the possibility of a comeback through team strength, rather than just relying on the skills of a particular talented player, and to lead to the growth of all players.

  • Points are added depending on the number of people who score in each half.
  • +1 point if 3 players score
  • 4 people get an additional +3 points
  • 5 people get +5 points
  • 10 players in both halves for an additional +5 points
  • Special tournament rules allow for a maximum of 23 points to be added in the first and second halves
  • The qualifying round will be decided by adding up the points after the game ends.
  • The semi-finals and finals will be reflected in real time.
  • The tournament staff will be responsible for strictly counting the points.
  • Special rules to encourage children’s initiative
  • Managers and coaches are not allowed to get angry, but are allowed to praise
  • Instructions from the bench other than timeouts/halftimes are also prohibited.
  • Children are allowed to cheer on and give advice from the bench.

Participating team benefits

■ Prizes for the winning and runner-up teams (2 men’s teams / 2 women’s teams)

  • Invitation to a Chiba Jets home game
  • Commemorative photos with Chiba Jets players will be taken on the court after the match (only for the winning team)

■ Free throw competition

  • Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. *Only 1st place for adults

■ Participation Awards & Special Awards

  • Participation prizes for all competitors
    *Only teams that participate until the closing ceremony will receive the prize.
  • Best Director Award: 1 person
  • Best One Team Award 1 team

■ Full cooperation with Monthly Basketball

  • Special articles on the tournament will be published on the web and in magazines
  • There will also be a section in the monthly basketball magazine listing the players from participating teams.

Special Ambassador

Shunsuke Ito/Former professional basketball player

  • After retiring from professional basketball, he worked as a front-line staff member at the Chiba Jets, focusing on corporate sales. After retiring, he became the representative and operating company president of the fitness club Blue Gate, embodying the formation of second careers for athletes.
    After graduating from Kanagawa Prefectural Yamato High School, he graduated from Chuo University in 2002. During his active career, he played for the Japanese national team for a long time as a physical player with a strong physique, a height of 204 cm, and good running ability. In May 2018, he ended his 16-year active career with the Chiba Jets at the end of the season. After retiring, he worked as a front staff member for the Chiba Jets, but left in 2019. He is also using his wealth of experience to promote basketball.

Masato Ogawa/Chiba Jets

  • Jersey number: 3
    Position: PG
    Height and weight: 176cm / 76kg
    Date of Birth: August 23, 2001
    Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture
    Nationality: Japanese
    Selection history: U22 Japan national team candidate, 2022 3×3 U21 Japan national team
    Career: Fukuoka Daiichi High School → Nippon Sport Science University → Chiba Jets

Mao Okada / President of Sakurakago Co., Ltd., Basketball player

  • Born in Aichi Prefecture Nagoya University of Economics Takakura High School → Toyota Boshoku Sunshine Rabbits → 3×3 player (currently TOKYO BB)
    In 2019, he established Sakurakago Co., Ltd. and is working to contribute to society and the future of children using basketball as a tool. In 2021, he obtained a childminder qualification. “Sakurakago Co., Ltd.” Operates the YouTube channel “TOKYOHOOP GiRLS.” Operates basketball schools in Aichi and Kanagawa. Basketball clinics across the country. Operates “Aozora Basketball,” a basketball class for children who do not go to school. Etc.

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Football crisis: FIGC meeting, Abodi will not be present – Football




The meeting between the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, and the federal components to discuss the electoral weights will not see the presence of the minister for sport and youth Andrea Abodi. As ANSA has learned, the minister, after having had several discussions with the parties involved, will not be present at the meeting in via Allegri.

A chess game in which each player aims to make his own move without exposing himself too much. It will not be the moment of checkmate today when, in view of the elections of next November 4, all the components, summoned by the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, will meet around a table to seek a point of agreement.

The object of contention is the new remodulation of the weights of Serie A in the electoral percentage phase in light of the Mulé amendment. It promises to be a tug of war because Serie B has also joined the Lega di A by deciding (unanimously in the assembly urgently convened this evening) to challenge at the National Federal Court the resolution with which the federal council decided to confirm the weights between the various components for the election of the next FIGC president.

The meeting will be attended by the president of Lega Serie A, Lorenzo Casini, that of Lega B, Mauro Balata as well as Matteo Marani for Lega Pro, Giancarlo Abete for Lnd. Then there will be Umberto Calcagno to represent the players, Renzo Ulivieri for the coaches and Carlo Pacifici for the referee component. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Serie A, in particular, and now Serie B are also waiting for answers after the announcement by president Casini of the intention to challenge the federal resolution. A card to be played, if necessary, but which does not represent “a hostile act but a technical defense. If the discussions were to be positive, we are ready to withdraw it”, Casini admitted. Serie B, following the same path, has given a mandate to its president, Mauro Balata, who in the last federal council had already expressed himself against the resolution, evaluating the need to wait for the approval of the ‘sports decree’. Balata himself had underlined the risk of going to FIGC elections with regulations that conflict and are certainly not adequate with the provision of the law that could come into force in the next few days. As for Serie A, it is certainly no mystery, in fact, that the request of the representatives of the highest Italian professional league is to arrive at a different distribution of federal weights with a preponderant weight recognized to Lega Serie A, together with a model of greater autonomy. In essence, therefore, the request is to see the current weight of 12% recognized to the top division increased to approximately double. A condition considered fundamental, but which will necessarily have to see one of the other components give up something. The time is tight, every discussion must be concluded by September 4, that is, 60 days before the elective assembly scheduled for November 4. Also on the table is the so-called “right of agreement”, that is, the possibility for the clubs to have a veto on every decision of the Football Federation regarding Serie A. It is likely that the game will not end with tomorrow’s meeting, others will be needed to find a definitive agreement but in the meantime the game has already begun.

Reproduction reserved © Copyright ANSA

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#Football #crisis #FIGC #meeting #Abodi #present #Football

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Qinwen Zheng Successfully Defends WTA Palermo Title Against Karolina Muchova




Qinwen Zheng knew how to maintain the pressure of being the defending champion, and the number one seed, of the WTA Palermo and won in the final Karolina Muchova por 6-4, 4-6, 6-2 After two hours and 51 minutes of match, he thus obtained the Chinese revalidate the title in Italy after a final where she had to work hard. Especially after losing the second set, but the Czech ran out of energy and Zheng He repeated the title in Palermo, his first of the year, while remaining as 7th in the WTA rankings.

2024-07-21 21:41:45
#Zheng #beats #Muchova #repeat #title #WTA #Palermo READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

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