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DQ Enters the Western Fast Food Market with Opening of First Hamburger Restaurant




Making hamburgers has become DQ’s latest goal. On July 11, DQ China’s first hamburger restaurant, DQ BLIZZARD & BURGERS (hereinafter referred to as “DQ Hamburgers”), officially opened in Shanghai. From the scene, the words “Imported Grain-Fed Angus Beef”, “Brioche Butter Bread”, “Butter Lettuce” and the pictures of hamburgers on the billboard outside the store are particularly eye-catching.

In terms of products, the store not only sells hamburgers, fried chicken, and snacks, but also offers ice cream and milkshakes currently sold in other DQ ice cream shops, as well as peripheral products such as mugs, baseball caps, and T-shirts. In terms of price, the DQ burger applet shows that the beef burgers sold in the store start at 35 yuan, and the chicken burgers are priced at 29 yuan.

Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that the DQ brand is currently operated by two franchise companies in China, Hexing Group and CFB Group. The above-mentioned DQ burger is opened by CFB Group and is a new type of DQ “ice cream + burger” store.

Regarding the future development plan of DQ burgers, the relevant person in charge said that regular DQ stores will not increase related meals, but will continue to open DQ burgers. According to Xu Weilun, CEO of CFB Group, DQ burgers + ice cream shops will be positioned as flagship stores of the DQ brand in various cities in the future development map of CFB, adopting a rational and profitable store expansion model, with the city’s high-traffic and highly representative Class A properties as the focus of site selection. At present, CFB’s DQ ice cream stores have covered more than 1,300 stores in about 300 cities from first-tier to fifth-tier cities, and continue to grow rapidly at a rate of 250-300 new stores each year. In the third quarter of 2024, 3 DQ burgers + ice cream stores will be opened in Shanghai. After adjusting the best business model, it will be expanded to other first-tier and super second-tier cities in 2025. The group plans to expand the “burger + ice cream” DQ stores to 100 by 2030.

According to reports, in 1992, DQ ice cream quickly gained popularity in the Chinese market with its “inverted cup without spilling” Blizzard product. Currently, CFB Group, which owns or manages DQ, Papa John’s, Yuepu Restaurant and Jinyuju, has opened 1,300 DQ ice cream stores in China. However, globally, the DQ brand does not only sell ice cream, but also a hamburger and ice cream fusion restaurant, with more than 4,000 stores selling hamburgers in North America and the Middle East.

Zhan Junhao, founder of Fujian Huace Brand Positioning Consulting, said that as a representative of Western fast food, hamburgers have a wide range of consumer groups and stable market demand, and with the diversification of consumer demand, the hamburger market still has a large room for growth. From DQ’s own perspective, the brand is seeking new growth points, further enriching its product line by launching hamburgers and other products, and improving its brand competitiveness and market share.

Indeed, the potential of the Western fast food industry cannot be underestimated. The “China Western Fast Food Industry Market Analysis and Forecast Research Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) released by Zhiyanzhan shows that the market size of China’s Western fast food industry was 270.218 billion yuan in 2019, and the market size of China’s Western fast food industry in the first quarter of 2024 was 99.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.35%. According to Zhiyanzhan’s forecast, the growth rate of the market size of China’s Western fast food industry will be 6%-9% from 2024 to 2030; in 2030, the market size of China’s Western fast food industry will be 615.173 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.79%.

However, the Western fast food market is highly competitive, and there are many players who have been working in the market for many years. It is not easy to gain a firm foothold. The report mentioned that the Western fast food brand matrix is ​​clearly divided into two camps: one is composed of international brands such as KFC, McDonald’s, and Burger King. They usually target the mid-to-high-end market, with a single product price range of 25-35 yuan, and prefer to be located in first-tier and new first-tier cities. With their brand influence and mature operating model, they have effectively attracted a large number of consumers; on the other hand, local forces represented by Tustin and Wallace use a more people-friendly pricing strategy (about 15-25 yuan) to quickly expand in low-tier cities and a wider range of sinking markets, achieving scale expansion.

In addition, many chain restaurants have begun to try to make hamburgers, such as Pizza Hut’s new “pizza burger”, Weijia Liangpi’s hamburger shop, and Xibei Group’s Jia Guolong Chinese Burger. What are the chances of DQ’s entry into the market? Zhan Junhao believes that consumer base, operational capabilities, and supply chain are all advantages of DQ hamburgers. However, the hamburger market is highly competitive, and DQ has limited experience in operating Western fast food in China. It needs to continue to learn and improve in order to improve market recognition. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

As DQ mentioned above, “the store expansion model that pursues profitability”, constantly adjusting the profit model is the key to DQ Burger’s expansion. Zhan Junhao pointed out that DQ Burger must first clarify its own positioning, make more accurate decisions in product development, pricing strategy, etc., and carry out differentiated layout through continuous innovation and improvement of product quality to create a unique product experience. At the same time, DQ Burger should fully consider factors such as traffic flow, consumer groups, and competitive situation in site selection. In addition, DQ Burger needs to formulate a reasonable profit model and cost control strategy, continuously optimize operating processes and reduce costs, and improve store efficiency and profitability.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zhang Tianyuan

(Source: Beijing Business Daily)

Source: Beijing Business Daily

Article author: Zhang Tianyuan

Original title: DQ opens its first hamburger restaurant and enters a new market of Western fast food

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2024-07-11 11:14:15
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LIVE – France-Colombia: Les Bleues make the break thanks to Dali





Carabali’s scissors! (2-0, 30′)

On a corner pushed back by the Blues, Carabali tries a scissor kick, but the ball goes far from the French goal.


Karchaoui collapses! (2-0, 27′)

The Frenchwoman is thrown behind the Colombian defense and collapses! She asks for a penalty while she seems to have been jostled… The referee says nothing!


The Blues have control of the match! (2-0, 25′)

The French have possession and clearly dominate this first half.


The post for Colombia (2-0, 20′)

Ramirez heads a good cross from the right! The ball hits the post! The Blues had a close call!


Dali gives the Blues a 2-goal lead! (2-0, 18′)

The Colombian goalkeeper pushes back a cross from the French team in the middle, the ball comes back to Dali who controls it and shoots it with his right! The ball hits the crossbar and goes into the goal! Magnificent! France leads two goals to zero!


Ramirez’s strike! (1-0, 16′)

Ramirez finds himself in a good shooting position and fires a right shot! Great save from Peyraud-Magnin!


The Blues are putting on a lot of pressure! (1-0, 15′)

Hervé Renard’s players remain very high on the field and put in a lot of intensity. The French dominate!


The ball for 2-0 for Katoto! (1-0, 12′)

Les Bleues stay high up the pitch and Dali wins a corner. Katoto is alone at the far post and puts in a header! Tapia makes an extraordinary save!


Foul by Wendy Renard! (1-0, 9′)

The captain of the French team commits an act of unsportsmanlike behaviour to prevent a counter attack by the Colombians. The referee whistles for a foul.


Katoto opens the score!!! (1-0, 6′)

Marie-Antoinette Katoto strikes in the sixth minute of play! The Colombians communicate poorly and the ball comes back to the French striker who controls it and finishes in a tight angle! France leads 1-0!


Mbock it’s too long! (0-0, 2′)

The Blues’ central defender tries to find Diani in depth but it takes too long.


Let’s go !

The Games are now starting for Hervé Renard’s French women’s team. Facing Colombia, Les Bleues must start their competition well.


The players enter the field!

The 22 actresses enter the pitch at the Groupama Stadium in Lyon. Time for the anthems!


The French are ready!


Colombia’s XI!

The composition of the Colombian selection : Tapia, Arias, Carabali, Arias, Vanegas, Montoya (C), Santos, Restrepo, Caicedo, Ramirez, Usme.


The composition of the Blues!

The composition of the French women’s team : Peyraud-Magnin, Lakrar, Mbock, Renard (C), Karchaoui, Toletti, Geyoro, Dali, Diani, Cascarino, Katoto.


De Almeida replaced by Périsset

Eve Périsset will replace the injured Elisa De Almeida in the group of 18 players for the first match of the Bleues in the Olympic football tournament against Colombia.


A match that will be played in Lyon

The Groupama Stadium in Lyon will host the first meeting of the Bleues.


Relive the day of the Bleues in video


Hi all !

Welcome to this live commentary of the first match of the French women’s football team in these Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The French women face Colombia. Kick-off at 9 p.m.

Posts will appear here


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De Voetbal BSO Expands to Druten: A New Sporty Haven for Kids Launching This September




Jul 25, 2024, 15:49 Advertorial

Sports BSO Time4Skills, better known as De Voetbal BSO, is definitely coming to Druten.

DIO’30 is a meeting place where everyone is welcome to experience the passion for sports together. Now a new initiative is added! In addition to the locations Wijchen, Alverna, Elst and Heesch, Druten is now also on the list. A location will also start here from Monday 2 September.

‘De Voetbal BSO’ should not pull the wool over people’s eyes; it strives to create a sporty home base at the football club where extra attention is paid to sports and games through a challenging, weekly changing offer. The BSO does not have a competitive character but mainly aims to get children to move more and better. In this way, they are better introduced to (table) tennis, hockey, badminton, basketball, judo and many other sports. Furthermore, crafts and baking can be done, with themes often related to the seasons, special holidays or events.

During the holidays, fun excursions are on the program almost daily to realize a suitable offer for all children present. This includes the zoo, a stadium tour, large playgrounds and the cinema. Currently, more than 400 children already play sports and games for one or more days at the existing locations that opened their doors for the first time in August 2020 at HVCH in Heesch. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

In the first phase, BSO will only be provided on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays during school and holiday weeks, so that employees and children can get used to the new environment. A maximum of 10 children will be moved per day. In mid-January 2025, it is expected to scale up to full care of five days a week, as well as at the other locations.

Curious or already enthusiastic?

Then visit the website or get a better impression via @devoetbalbso on Instagram. Questions can be asked via [email protected] .


Next Saturday – July 27 – there will be a first presentation for potentially interested families in the canteen of DIO’30 where you are asked to register via the above-mentioned email address. A second opportunity will be offered on Saturday August 24. Both days start at 10:00.

2024-07-25 13:52:40
#Football #BSO #DeMaasenWaler

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Argentina coach slams chaotic ‘scandal’ at Olympic soccer match vs. Morocco




The head of Argentina’s soccer federation said the chaotic ending to its Olympic soccer match against Morocco on Wednesday “makes no sense,” and coach Javier Mascherano called the scene “a scandal.”

The opening match of the men’s soccer tournament was suspended for nearly two hours during added time after Morocco fans invaded the field and threw bottles in protest of a late goal by Argentina. The goal was later overturned by the video assistant referee, and Argentina lost 2-1.

“What happened on the field was a scandal. This isn’t a neighborhood tournament, these are the Olympic Games,” Mascherano said.

Paris organizers said they were trying to “understand the causes and identify appropriate actions” after the match in Saint-Etienne. Argentina’s soccer federation said it issued a formal protest Wednesday to world governing body FIFA and would do “what is necessary” to guarantee the safety of players.

“Having to wait almost two hours in the dressing room, after Morocco fans entering the pitch, the violence that the Argentina delegation suffered, our players having to warm up again and continue to play a match that should have been suspended by the main referee, is really something that makes no sense and that goes against the competition rules,” Argentina Football Association president Claudio Tapia said.

The Argentina team also said its training base was robbed before the game, with a watch belonging to midfielder Thiago Almada among the items taken.

Meanwhile, Argentine President Javier Milei arrived Thursday in Paris, his office said, and is expected to meet French President Emmanuel Macron after tensions escalated between their countries over the Argentine soccer team’s derogatory post-match chants about French players at Copa America.

Morocco fans rushed the field to protest Cristian Medina’s goal in the 16th minute of added time at Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, which appeared to tie the game at 2. Bottles also were thrown from the crowd and, in frenzied scenes, security tackled fans on the field.

“Some of the fans thought it was the end of the match and decided to invade the pitch,” Thomas Collomb, the deputy director of security for Paris organizers, said Thursday. “The atmosphere was festive. At no time was there any security risk for players or spectators. Within minutes of the final whistle, a security bubble formed around the athletes.”

There were images of Argentina players flinching when what appeared to be a flare was thrown onto the field.

“I can understand why this might have been worrying for Argentine athletes,” said Bruno Le Ray, the organizing committee’s security director. “Stade Geoffroy-Guichard is known for having no barriers between the stands and the pitch. To our knowledge, no firecrackers were fired at any time. It’s definitely an incident, but not in the security sense.”

Morocco defender Achraf Hakimi wrote on X: “I deplore the attitude of certain supporters during the match, which tarnished the image of our loyal fans. Such behavior has no place in football.”

In the confusion, it was believed the final whistle had been blown when players headed to the locker room and fans were told to leave the stadium. FIFA’s official website declared the final score 2-2. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

But it later emerged that the game had been suspended with just minutes of play remaining and that Medina’s goal was being reviewed.

The players re-emerged to warm up in an empty stadium after about two hours and referee Glenn Nyberg confirmed he was reviewing video of the goal on the touchline monitor. He then confirmed it would be overturned for offside.

Morocco held on for the win as the teams played out the final three minutes.

“The game was suspended because of security. At no moment did they talk to us about any revision (of the play),” Mascherano said.

“Obviously it’s confusing, but we have to move forward. It’s already happened, it’s over. We have to focus on the two games (remaining). Save up the anger and let it all out in the coming games.”

Two-time gold medalist Argentina was one of the pretournament favorites and was aiming for more hardware after winning the World Cup in 2022 and back-to-back Copa Américas.

On Saturday, Morocco is scheduled to face Ukraine at Stade Geoffroy-Guichard.

“We’ll make sure we reinforce security by adding barriers or private security,” Le Ray said.

Reporting by The Associated Press.

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2024-07-25 19:02:55
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