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Ollie Watkins, Emery’s ‘villain’, Southgate’s hero




Going out onto the pitch, scoring a goal and being decisive in the team’s victory. A dream performance for a substitute.

Nine minutes, four interventions, one shot and one goal. Can it be briefer and more relevant? Yes it can. That minor intervention “with a great impact” was enough for him to be awarded the MVP trophy of the match. Bah, silent metallic witness that one day you entered the history of England, even more so if the Euro final is won.

Oliver George Arthur Watkins, Ollie to his friends, has rarely appeared on all the British covers (and several of those that are not). footballer from the minor club Aston Villa compared to Londoners, Manchester and Liverpool.

Ollie Watkins beats defender De Vrij and goalkeeper Verbruggen with a cross-shot into the net. / Martin Meissner / AP

Southgate’s instinct

Unai Emery’s ‘villain’ scorer became the saviour of Gareth Southgate, who will most likely continue to lead the English national team after the unthinkable qualification for the second consecutive final of the pros. Watkins, 28, backed the manager’s decision to call him up in the controversial list he drew up instead of Jack Grealish, Marcos Rashford and Jadon Sancho, who are more famous and reputable.

Perhaps it was Southgate’s uncanny, sometimes inexplicable instinct that prompted him to draft Watkins into his first major international tournament at the age of 28 after successively ruling him out of the last three, although the manager did push for his international debut in March 2021. Watkins scored a goal on his debut against San Marino. No one applauded him. Wembley was empty. The pandemic, remember?

Ollie Watkins and center Marc Guéhi. / Frank Augstein / AP

“I swear on my life, on the lives of my children. I told Cole Palmer when we were coming: ‘You’re going to set up the play for me.’ I knew that as soon as he received the ball he was going to pass it to me. You had to be bold, touch it and finish it.”

Ollie Watkins

— England striker

From year to year

It took a year for Emery’s villain to reappear. Until March 2022. His first start. Against the Ivory Coast. He scored. 18 months passed until the next visit to the national team. October 2023. Friendly against Australia. Goal. The winning goal. A simulation of the feeling of becoming the hero of a match. Nothing to do with reality, outside the familiar shelter of London, in Dortmund, in front of a packed goal, not sufficiently protected, blindingly orange.

Watkins was left speechless. “When you score it’s exciting, but this was a different feeling. It was like it was in slow motion when I ran towards my team-mates and celebrated,” he said, feted, of course, by the entire squad at the final whistle. Harry Kane, the captain, was one of the first to do so. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

But, Arsenal supporter Since he was a child, an admirer, of course with this sentimental affiliation, of Thierry Henry, he had run after the goal to the bench, his natural habitat when he puts on the shirt of the three lions. Watkins’ tail is a lion, who had only played 20 minutes in the final stretch against Denmark before squeezing the nine against the Netherlands, and who He remembered another substitute, Cole Palmer.

The shot that brought glory to Watkins, in the 90th minute of the match. / La Presse / AP

The premonition

“I swear on my life, on my children’s lives. I said to Cole Palmer on the way in: ‘You’re going to set up the play for me’. I knew that as soon as he got the ball he was going to pass it to me. You had to be bold, touch it and finish. When I saw the ball go into the corner of the net, it was the best feeling I’ve ever had,” said Watkins of his fourth goal for England in 14 games.

A premonition, a presage of the kind that is repeated in every team, on every coach, and that this time came true. Perhaps the mysterious Southgate was right when he chose Watkins to travel to Germany. Perhaps there was no reason to doubt the coach when he took Kane and Foden off the field to bring on Watkins and Palmer.

“When I saw the ball go into the corner of the net it was the best feeling I’ve ever had”

Ollie Watkins

— England striker

Watkins, after the semi-final against the Netherlands in Dortmund. / Friso Gentsch / AP

The expected moment

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for weeks,” said Watkins, the very embodiment of happiness. Weeks? Or months? Years. “It took a lot of effort to get to where I am now,” He commented, recalling his slow and hard-fought rise from being a happy boy in the Exeter City youth system, who rose to the first team in the third English tier. After four years (2017), he moved to Brentford in the second tier, with whom he was promoted. He signed for Aston Villa in 2020, at the request of Dean Smith, his manager at Brentford.

He has spent four seasons at Birmingham. He finished the last one having equalled the club’s record for goals in a season and being voted the team’s best player. Nothing compares the honour bestowed by the Villains with the feeling of being the hero of the English empire.

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Algerian Athletes Gear Up for Challenges in Paris 2024 Olympics Draws




That’s it, the last scenery of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games has just been installed with the results of the draws of several events. Several Algerian athletes now know their opponent, and the paths to follow in this Olympic dream.

Indeed, this afternoon, the draws for the Judo, Badminton and Table Tennis events revealed their secrets. Draws that were lenient for some, very harsh for others and to be forgotten for the rest.

24th in the world rankings in the -63 kg category, the Algerian judoka, Amina Belkadi will face the Venezuelan, A. Barrios, 31st in the world rankings.

If the native of Tlemcen, quadruple reigning African champion, manages to beat her opponent in these 16th finals, scheduled for July 30, she will meet in the 8th round the winner between the Slovenian, Andreja Leški (7th in the world ranking) and the Georgian Eter Askilashvili (49th in the world rankings). Belkadi’s path should pass, if she reaches the quarter-finals, through the Canadian, Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard, second in the world rankings in the -63 kg category.

Full table of the draw for the Judo events (women) in the -63 kg category

For his part, the Algerian judoka, The Mehdi Liliinherited the judoka from the United Arab Emirates, Magomedomar Magomedomarovfor this first round of the +100kg category events which will take place on August 2. The 28-year-old Algerian will face, if he passes this first round, the living legend of French judo, Teddy Riner. A name that makes you want to redouble your efforts to meet him.

Full table of the draw for the Judo events (men) in the +100 kg category READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Paris 2024 Olympics: Table tennis and badminton, the Algerians’ opponents

The ambition of the Algerian table tennis player, Lynda Loughraibito reach an advanced round during these Olympics will have to go through a big name in ping-pong.

At the end of the draw, Loughraibi was handed the Chinese, Chen Meng, second in the world rankings. A match that promises to be complicated, but which will leave an unforgettable memory and help our athlete gain experience.

For his part, the Algerian table tennis player, Mehdi Belou will have to deal with Croatian, Tomislav Pucarto pass this first round which will take place on Saturday July 27 for our two ping-pong players.

In the same vein, the first historic participation of the Algerian mixed doubles in the Olympic Games, Koceila and Tanina Mammeriwill face a Thai mixed doubles July 27The Mammeri siblings will face a South Korean mixed doubles team the following day, on the 28th, and a mixed doubles team the day after that, on July 29.

READ ALSO: Paris 2024 Olympics/Judo: Dris Messaoud will have to give up his Olympic dream!

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LIVE – France-Colombia: Les Bleues make the break thanks to Dali





Carabali’s scissors! (2-0, 30′)

On a corner pushed back by the Blues, Carabali tries a scissor kick, but the ball goes far from the French goal.


Karchaoui collapses! (2-0, 27′)

The Frenchwoman is thrown behind the Colombian defense and collapses! She asks for a penalty while she seems to have been jostled… The referee says nothing!


The Blues have control of the match! (2-0, 25′)

The French have possession and clearly dominate this first half.


The post for Colombia (2-0, 20′)

Ramirez heads a good cross from the right! The ball hits the post! The Blues had a close call!


Dali gives the Blues a 2-goal lead! (2-0, 18′)

The Colombian goalkeeper pushes back a cross from the French team in the middle, the ball comes back to Dali who controls it and shoots it with his right! The ball hits the crossbar and goes into the goal! Magnificent! France leads two goals to zero!


Ramirez’s strike! (1-0, 16′)

Ramirez finds himself in a good shooting position and fires a right shot! Great save from Peyraud-Magnin!


The Blues are putting on a lot of pressure! (1-0, 15′)

Hervé Renard’s players remain very high on the field and put in a lot of intensity. The French dominate!


The ball for 2-0 for Katoto! (1-0, 12′)

Les Bleues stay high up the pitch and Dali wins a corner. Katoto is alone at the far post and puts in a header! Tapia makes an extraordinary save!


Foul by Wendy Renard! (1-0, 9′)

The captain of the French team commits an act of unsportsmanlike behaviour to prevent a counter attack by the Colombians. The referee whistles for a foul.


Katoto opens the score!!! (1-0, 6′)

Marie-Antoinette Katoto strikes in the sixth minute of play! The Colombians communicate poorly and the ball comes back to the French striker who controls it and finishes in a tight angle! France leads 1-0!


Mbock it’s too long! (0-0, 2′)

The Blues’ central defender tries to find Diani in depth but it takes too long.


Let’s go !

The Games are now starting for Hervé Renard’s French women’s team. Facing Colombia, Les Bleues must start their competition well.


The players enter the field!

The 22 actresses enter the pitch at the Groupama Stadium in Lyon. Time for the anthems!


The French are ready!


Colombia’s XI!

The composition of the Colombian selection : Tapia, Arias, Carabali, Arias, Vanegas, Montoya (C), Santos, Restrepo, Caicedo, Ramirez, Usme.


The composition of the Blues!

The composition of the French women’s team : Peyraud-Magnin, Lakrar, Mbock, Renard (C), Karchaoui, Toletti, Geyoro, Dali, Diani, Cascarino, Katoto.


De Almeida replaced by Périsset

Eve Périsset will replace the injured Elisa De Almeida in the group of 18 players for the first match of the Bleues in the Olympic football tournament against Colombia.


A match that will be played in Lyon

The Groupama Stadium in Lyon will host the first meeting of the Bleues.


Relive the day of the Bleues in video


Hi all !

Welcome to this live commentary of the first match of the French women’s football team in these Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The French women face Colombia. Kick-off at 9 p.m.

Posts will appear here


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De Voetbal BSO Expands to Druten: A New Sporty Haven for Kids Launching This September




Jul 25, 2024, 15:49 Advertorial

Sports BSO Time4Skills, better known as De Voetbal BSO, is definitely coming to Druten.

DIO’30 is a meeting place where everyone is welcome to experience the passion for sports together. Now a new initiative is added! In addition to the locations Wijchen, Alverna, Elst and Heesch, Druten is now also on the list. A location will also start here from Monday 2 September.

‘De Voetbal BSO’ should not pull the wool over people’s eyes; it strives to create a sporty home base at the football club where extra attention is paid to sports and games through a challenging, weekly changing offer. The BSO does not have a competitive character but mainly aims to get children to move more and better. In this way, they are better introduced to (table) tennis, hockey, badminton, basketball, judo and many other sports. Furthermore, crafts and baking can be done, with themes often related to the seasons, special holidays or events.

During the holidays, fun excursions are on the program almost daily to realize a suitable offer for all children present. This includes the zoo, a stadium tour, large playgrounds and the cinema. Currently, more than 400 children already play sports and games for one or more days at the existing locations that opened their doors for the first time in August 2020 at HVCH in Heesch. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

In the first phase, BSO will only be provided on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays during school and holiday weeks, so that employees and children can get used to the new environment. A maximum of 10 children will be moved per day. In mid-January 2025, it is expected to scale up to full care of five days a week, as well as at the other locations.

Curious or already enthusiastic?

Then visit the website or get a better impression via @devoetbalbso on Instagram. Questions can be asked via [email protected] .


Next Saturday – July 27 – there will be a first presentation for potentially interested families in the canteen of DIO’30 where you are asked to register via the above-mentioned email address. A second opportunity will be offered on Saturday August 24. Both days start at 10:00.

2024-07-25 13:52:40
#Football #BSO #DeMaasenWaler

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