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20 dangerous dreams you should not ignore and meaning




Like I always say, dreams may come from God’s Spirit or Satanic spirits or your spirit. It is not every dream that you have that has spiritual meaning but if you continue having such there is need to get personal deliverance.

Dangerous dreams

1 1ntimacy in the dreams: Do not joke with this at all. It is a destructive dream. Immediately you find it happening regularly, you quickly take serious action.

2. Eating in the dream: Such food will cause problems for you.

3. Being shot in the dream: This means that there are some spiritual assassins looking for you. You should arrest them or ask them to turn their guns on themselves.

4 Attack by animals: When an animal watches you and attacks you, it is a destructive dream. You may not even wake up alive.

5. Losing your Bible in the dream: You are asked to minister and you cannot find your Bible or they say, “Open to the book of Matthew,” and you looked for it and could not find it until you wake up. The enemy wants you to backslide and if you do not fight back on time, he will take away that Bible from your hand. And let me tell you something, a person could be born again for 25 years, but it would not take the devil one minute to get rid of him, if he is not careful.

6. Seeing corpses, dead relatives or dead people: This is a destructive dream. Your spirit man is trying to tell you that you are already being counted amongst the dead. You should fight back for the Bible says that the living have nothing to do with the dead.

7 Going back to the former school or former house or taking again the examinations that you have already passed: These are dreams of retrogression. The enemy wants to take you back either to Egypt or from prosperity to poverty.

8. Walking bare footed: This means acidic poverty. It also means that the enemy wants to destroy your marriage.

9. Driving, walking or climbing without getting to the destination: This shows that the enemy wants you to engage in profitless hardwork. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

10. If you find yourself locked up and there is no way out.

11 you see yourself wearing a black cap, a black hat or scarf or a black headgear. This means that there is a demonic authority over your life. You should not joke with this at all.

12. Being naked in the dream: This means that the enemy wants to fire the arrow of shame at you. You should not allow this to happen.

13. Wearing rags: This means acidic poverty.

14. Seeing yourself aimlessly visiting a market: A market is the final destination of mad people in our environment. Once a mad man gets to the market place there is serious trouble. You should not joke with this kind of dream at all.

15. If you see yourself carrying on your head a load you do not understand, you do not know its content: Do not joke with this at all, it is a destructive dream

When you as a sister sees somebody playing with your hair or cutting it off, or you find that it has been shaved or that you have gone bald. Do not joke with this at all.

17. When you find yourself swimming: May be in real life you cannot swim, and now you find yourself swimming. This means that your life is under the control of marine powers.

18. Working as a slave in a farm or as a house help: This means that the enemy wants to demote your destiny to the lowest level.

I am praying for you that you may grow in the spirit and be able to fight against evil spirits even in your dreams. God bless you. If these persist, talk to us for deliverance!

19 Doing exam in dreams and failing – spirit of failure and rejection

20  someone snatching phone from you- your network of prayers is disconnected

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Investigation Into Cause Of Lagos Cholera Outbreak Not Concluded





The Lagos state government has explained that unregistered tiger nut drinks have not been identified as the cause of the recent cholera outbreak in the state.

There were reports that Kemi Ogunyemi, special adviser to the Lagos state governor on health, said unregistered tiger nut drinks had caused the outbreak.

In an interview on Saturday, Ogunyemi was quoted as saying a survey carried out in Eti-Osa LGA showed that people who visited hospitals in the early days of the outbreak all said they had consumed an unregistered tiger nut drink.

“We found empty bottles with a name on them, but we discovered that it wasn’t even registered with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, the regulatory body that ensures the safety of consumables,” she was quoted as saying.

“There was a phone number and a name on the bottle, and we started tracing. We did contact tracing, similar to what we did with COVID-19. We combed the area to ask people where they got the drinks from.


“We couldn’t find any full bottles. We only found empty ones, which were of no use because we could not test them. The phone number on the bottle was not reachable.”

Reacting to the reports, Tunbosun Ogunbanwo, spokesperson of the ministry of health in Lagos, said Ogunyemi was misquoted.

“Investigations into what caused the outbreak is still ongoing. It is not true that it was caused by tiger nut drink,” he said.

On June 11, Akin Abayomi, Lagos commissioner for health, said five people had died while about 60 residents were hospitalised as a result of the “suspected” cholera outbreak in some parts of the city.

Days later, the commissioner confirmed the cholera outbreak and said there have been 350 suspected cases — with 17 confirmed and 15 fatalities.

As of June 20, there have been 24 deaths and 35 confirmed cholera cases in Lagos.

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Christ Embassy Fire Under Control, Says Lagos Fire Service




Margaret Adeseye, the Director, Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, has revealed that the fire that engulfed the Christ Embassy Church located at Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos has been brought under control.

We reported earlier on Sunday that the building caught fire, and officials of the LSFRS were also reported to be at the scene to put the fire out.

In a statement on Sunday, Adeseye provided updates on the situation, stating that no casualties have been reported.

She wrote, “At 07:27 hours, a fire outbreak was reported at the Christ Embassy Church located on Billings Way, Ikeja.

“Firefighting units from Alausa and Ikeja fire stations were promptly dispatched and arrived at the scene by 07:36 hours. The church auditorium was found to be engulfed in flames. The fire is currently under control.” READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Adeseye added that some parts of the building have been pulled down to ensure that the fire is completely extinguished.

She added, “In addition, LASEMA’s excavator is being used to pull down some parts of the building to ensure complete extinguishment and to prevent further structural collapse.

“The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, and investigations are underway to ascertain its origin.

“No casualties have been reported at this time. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.”

The President and founder of LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has also said the fire incident was not an accident but an avenue for bigger and better things.

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Ekiti University Student Slashes Her Colleague With Razor Blade During Argument





Rachael Olufogbe, a 300-level student of the Federal University, Oye Ekiti in Ekiti State, has been arrested.

She was arrested by the police following a physical assault on a fellow student on Saturday.

It was gathered that the incident happened in a private hostel located in Oye Egbo, a community outside the school premises after Olufogbe and another female occupant disagreed with the right of drying line in the hostel.

The PUNCH correspondent learnt that the victim moved Olufogbe’s clothes to create space on the clothesline before spreading her clothes. However, Olufogbe protested this act, leading to an exchange of words between the two.

The situation escalated quickly as Olufogbe was said to have picked a blade to inflict bodily injuries on the victim. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Pictures obtained by our correspondent showed that the victim suffered bloody cuts in her throat, head, and chest.

The school’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof Sunday Fashina, confirmed the incident to our correspondent on Saturday.

He said, “The incident happened outside the campus in a private hostel. Nobody dares that within the campus because they know the rules and regulations. If anyone tries that, it will catch up with them. The police are already handling it.

“The suspect is in police custody, and once it involves the police, we cannot interfere. When they are done with their investigations, they will write to the Vice-Chancellor to give their report, then we conduct our investigation. So, let’s wait for the outcome of the police investigation.”

Efforts to reach the state Police Public Relations Officer, Sunday Abutu, were unsuccessful as calls made to his phone rang out and he was yet to reply to a message sent to his WhatsApp line as of press time.

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