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Woman At Gas Station Behaves ODD. When Man Sees What She Is Doing, He Turns Pale –




A woman arrived at a gas station, and she was behaving really oddly. When the security guard saw what she was doing, he immediately turned pale. Earl sat in his usual spot at the gas station, watching the pumps through the security cameras. It was a familiar routine during his late afternoon shift. He scanned each car filling up, making sure everything went smoothly. It was a slow day, and as he watched the screens, his eyes grew tired from the monotony.

Suddenly, a flicker of movement on one screen caught his attention. At pump number three, a woman was acting strange. The woman was dressed in a white jacket and white shorts, and she stood by the pump, but she was not filling a car. Instead, she was bent over and fiddling with something near the gas tank. Earl squinted as he leaned closer to the monitor. In her hand, he saw a bright yellow plastic container, the kind people use for lawnmowers or generators. This was strange; people don’t usually buy gasoline in cans at gas stations.

Earl sat up straighter as he watched the woman continue whatever it was she was doing. She kept pumping gasoline into the container, not the car parked beside her, and her movements were hurried and nervous. Was she stealing gas? Earl grabbed his radio, ready to call over to the attendant, but he saw that it was not functioning. Earl decided to get down there himself.

He walked down to the pump and marched right to the strange woman. “Excuse me, miss,” he called out. “Can I help you with something?”

The woman at the pump jumped. She glanced around nervously and saw the guard standing right behind her. Before he could say another word, she capped the container and bolted for her car. Before Earl could react, she started the car and zoomed off into the streets.

Earl frowned. What was that all about? Siphoning a few gallons of gas wouldn’t get you very far these days, he thought. Earl shook his head, feeling confused. He turned and headed back to his postREAD FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>


Back inside the stuffy security booth, Earl replayed the footage. It didn’t make any sense, whatever the woman was doing. He put down the radio and settled back into his chair, but he couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was wrong. He kept an eye on the spot where the woman had vanished. Just as he was about to convince himself that it was nothing, something caught his eye again. The camera picked up a glimpse of the woman returning moments later, this time without the car. She crouched by a different pump, fiddling with a thin tube in the gas nozzle. It looked like she was trying to suck gas out of the leftover fuel left in the hose.

Earl’s blood pressure shot up. This was no mistake; this woman was definitely siphoning gas. Not on my watch, he thought. He quickly bolted down from his booth and ran into the open area of the station. As he got near to her, he shouted in a firm voice, “Hey, you at pump two! Stop what you’re doing!”

The woman froze and glanced around wildly. As soon as she spotted him coming towards her, she ripped the tube out of the pump. Before Earl could grab hold of her, she was off like a shot and ran in between parked cars. Earl slammed the radio down in frustration. She was gone again. He couldn’t believe how fast she was.

Earl angrily returned to the booth. He watched the cameras like a hawk, and to his complete surprise, the woman reappeared within minutes. She was back at it, and she had a tiny, thin tube snaking into the gas tank. This time, Earl wasn’t going to let her get away. He raced out of his booth, determined to catch her red-handed. But when he came out, she ran off at the speed of a rabbit, just like she had done the last two times. Earl sprinted outside, hoping to catch her at the edge of the parking lot, but by the time he reached the street, the woman was nowhere to be seen. She had run across the parking lot and disappeared into the shadows behind the gas station.

Earl stood there, catching his breath and feeling defeated. But he wasn’t about to give up. He stalked back inside, and this time his eyes were glued to the monitor. To his horror, there she was again. This time, she was targeting a parked car, using the tube to siphon gas from its tank. This couldn’t go on. Earl grabbed the radio, his voice tight with anger.

“Security to attendant, we’ve got a gas thief at pump number three. Need backup.”

He raced out the door once more, determined to catch her this time. But just like before, the woman was a blur. She heard his shouts and saw him running towards her, so she took off like a scared rabbit. Earl chased her around parked cars, and his legs were burning, but he just couldn’t keep up. Exhausted and frustrated, he watched her disappear into the streets again.

Feeling frustrated, Earl raced outside. He scanned the parking lot, but the woman had vanished. He checked behind the building, his heart pounding. This was getting ridiculous. He swore he saw a flash of movement by a row of parked vans, but by the time he got there, the woman was gone. Panting and defeated, Earl stumbled back to his station. Four times now he’d been outsmarted by this gas-guzzling ghost.

But this time, something was different. A strange calmness washed over him. Maybe chasing her wasn’t the answer. He decided to wait. He settled back into his chair, with his eyes glued to the monitor. Time crawled by. Minutes turned into an hour. Just when he thought she wouldn’t return, she popped up on the screen. This time, Earl didn’t rush out. He waited until the woman started fiddling with the gas pump again. While he watched her, a plan was forming in his mind.

As the woman began filling her strange container, Earl darted out the back door, taking a shortcut through the employee area. He burst through the front doors just as she finished filling the container. But this time, he had the advantage of surprise. He ran towards her, yelling, “Stop right there!”

As he burst through the door, he had caught her completely off guard. The woman whipped around, startled, as if she had expected him to give up. She dropped the tube and, with a desperate cry, she pushed past Earl and sprinted across the parking lot. This time, however, her luck ran out. The chase was on again, and Earl was closer. He cut her off before she reached the parked cars, forcing her to change direction.

“Stop!” Earl yelled, his voice laced with urgency. He wasn’t sure what she was planning, but the gas container in her hand and her frantic escape set off alarm bells in his head. Was she stealing gas to sell on the black market? Or worse, was she planning some kind of crime? Maybe she wanted to set something on fire. Despite his tired legs, Earl pushed himself harder. He couldn’t let her disappear again with that flammable liquid.

But the woman was surprisingly fast. She weaved between parked cars, and her thin frame made her a difficult target. The woman was running towards some buildings in the rundown part of town. That was when her luck ran out. She stumbled as her foot caught on a crack in the pavement. With a yelp, she fell hard on her right side, and the container flew from her grasp. It landed hard on the floor, and the gas from it spilled everywhere.

Earl rushed over to her, his concern momentarily overriding his anger. He knelt beside the woman, who was now clutching her arm and whimpering in pain. He helped her sit up, but he noticed she was more concerned with the wasted gasoline than with her sprained arm. It was then that Earl noticed a faded sticker on the dented container. It read “Life Support Machine.

Earl became curious. “Life support?” he asked gently. He looked around. The gas station was close to a deserted part of town, full of old houses that were almost always in darkness. He looked up and saw the rundown building where the woman had been headed. He knew the place often suffered from power outages. He pointed towards the building and asked her if there was someone there who needed the gas.

The woman looked up at him, her eyes filled with a desperate plea. The answer would change everything. As she spoke, she began to cry. She told Earl that her son needed the gas to survive. Earl still had not gotten the full picture. A child was involved in this? Siphoning gas for a child? It didn’t add up. He hesitantly followed her gaze towards the dark buildings. One in particular stood out; it was the only one with a single flickering light. Her son was in there. The woman nodded as she wiped her tears with a trembling hand. She pointed to the gas container and explained that her son needed the gas for his machine. There were power outages, and she couldn’t afford gas.

Earl’s mouth fell open. A machine on gasoline? That sounded incredibly dangerous. But the fear in the woman’s eyes spoke volumes. He cautiously stepped closer to the building and peered through the dirty window. Inside, Earl saw a small figure lying in a bed. It was a child, a critically ill child. There was a network of tubes snaking from his tiny body to a large machine beside him. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Earl felt relief at first, which washed over his anger. This wasn’t a criminal act; this was a mother desperate to save her son. He understood that desperation all too well. His own little girl, Anna, was battling cancer, and the fear of losing her was a constant companion

. Even with the medical bills, he still fought to keep her alive. Earl turned back to the mother and gently asked what happened to her son. That was when the woman poured out her story.

Her son, Daniel, had suffered a severe case of heart failure. The doctors said he needed a transplant, but there was no guarantee he would even get on the waiting list because they didn’t have insurance, and the waiting list for the transplant was excruciatingly long. The doctors offered little hope, as they said that without a transplant, his body would fail. Earl didn’t need her to finish before he understood the weight of what she was facing. He saw a reflection of his own fear in her tear-filled eyes.

The woman continued, explaining how they’d managed to get a home-based life support machine, an ECMO, but the frequent power outages threatened Daniel’s life. She had resorted to using gasoline in a makeshift generator to power the life machine. It was a terrifying gamble fueled by a mother’s love. As Earl looked back at the gas container, he fully understood.

He could see the makeshift generator being powered by the siphoned gas. He understood the fear and helplessness that gripped a parent facing a child’s illness. She had been siphoning gas to run the generator to power the life machine. The generator was a makeshift one, and she had built it with scraps by herself. It wasn’t perfect, and it kept cutting out, but it was all she had. The life machine was the only thing keeping her son alive, and she couldn’t let him go, even though it had consumed all the money she had.

Earl watched as the woman buried her face in her hands and began crying. By now, his anger and confusion had been replaced by sympathy. He knelt beside her, held her, and told her he understood. A parent would do anything to save their child, and he knew that feeling all too well. The lengths a parent would go to for their child’s well-being went above reason and sometimes even the law. “But it’s dangerous,” he added. The makeshift generator was in terrible condition, and the fumes could cause a fire.

The woman knew that. She told him she had no choice but to make do with what she had. She had borrowed all she could, and now she had less than nothing left. Earl felt so hurt, standing beside a mother driven to such desperate measures. He knew he had to help somehow. So, he took out his phone and told her that they needed to get someone here to help.

The police or an ambulance would be a good start. But the woman did something surprising; she flinched and slapped the phone out of his hand. She begged him not to call anyone, as they’d only take her son away. They wouldn’t try to understand, and they would take him back to the hospital, where they don’t have enough life support machines for everyone. There, his needs would not be attended to because of a lack of payment or insurance, and she would lose her son.

But Earl was experienced enough to know that the child would not survive that long on a dangerous generator and siphoned gas. He would not forgive himself if anything happened to her or her child. So, Earl told her he would be back. He bought her a can of gas from his pay and told her he would try to help her out. The woman was truly grateful. She even apologized for making him run so much.

Earl knew protocol dictated that he report the gas theft immediately, but the image of the sick child dependent on a life machine fueled by stolen gas had shaken him. He couldn’t bring himself to call the police right then. So, he decided to take it up with the supervisor. But his usual supervisor was a stern man, by the book. Earl knew no amount of explanation would make him understand.

So, he waited with worry until his second shift supervisor arrived. She was a kind older woman named Sarah. He explained to her the entire situation: the chase, the woman’s tearful confession, and the heartbreaking truth about her son. Earl held his breath, hoping Sarah would understand. And to his joy, Sarah didn’t seem angry. Instead, she gave him a sympathetic nod.

She decided to wait a while before involving the police. Instead, Sarah called an ambulance for the woman’s injured arm and alerted social services about the situation. The next morning, the police were called, but not for the reasons the woman initially thought. Instead of arresting her, something extraordinary happened. A social worker arrived with the officers, and they were all there to help. They were to take the boy to a specialist hospital with a life support machine just for him.

Local news channels picked up on the woman’s touching story, and the community felt for her. Donations poured in for the child’s treatment. A company offered enough money to secure a proper apartment with stable electricity. Another gifted a new backup generator, and an agency even brought a lawyer to help with her insurance. More importantly, help arrived for her son. He was taken to the big specialist hospital in town and received regular medical checkups. The outpouring of support left Earl speechless. He’d taken a chance at being compassionate, and it seemed to be paying off.

The woman’s name was Clara, and as Earl learned more about her situation, his heart ached for her. Earl was hesitant at first, but he shared his own story about his own daughter, Anna, who was battling cancer. Clara’s eyes welled up with tears when he told her. She felt his pain and insisted that she visit her. Earl was surprised by her request, yet he was happy because perhaps a visit from another child facing her own battle could be uplifting for both of them.

Clara visited Anna, and the next week Earl took Anna and Clara to visit Daniel at the hospital. Anna had to be moved around in a special chair with tubes running into her arms, but she lit up at the sight of Daniel. The two kids spent the afternoon discussing what they liked and about their imaginative stories. A bond formed between Earl and Clara because of a shared understanding of the love and fear that comes with having a sick child.

As days turned into weeks, Earl learned more about her son Daniel. He was a bright-eyed 8-year-old with a love for dinosaurs. Then sadness came knocking. Weeks later, the news Earl had been dreading arrived. Anna’s condition had worsened. Despite all the treatments, her tiny body couldn’t fight any longer. Earl felt the world crumble around him as grief threatened to crush his chest. Days later, little Anna passed away.

But before Anna passed on, she did something selfless despite her young age. She wished that her friend Daniel would get her heart. She did not want him to suffer anymore. Earl agreed with her selfless decision. His daughter may be gone, but she had the chance to give life to another child. Earl informed Clara about Anna, and the news touched her. She held his hand and hugged him as their shared grief became an unexpected bond.

When Earl told her about the organ donation, Clara began to cry. Earl had been too kind to her, she thought. Then came the news that brought joy to Clara and Earl: the heart was a perfect match for Daniel. Daniel’s heart transplant surgery was a success, and soon enough, the little boy began to recover remarkably well. Clara was overcome with gratitude as she reached out to Earl. She thanked him for everything and thanked Anna for giving Daniel a second chance. Earl was pleased to know his daughter’s heart was beating in someone’s chest.

Months passed, and as Daniel recovered, a new chapter began for Earl and Clara. Their shared ordeal, including the grief of losing Anna intertwined with the joy of Daniel having a new chance at life, brought them closer. Their initial bond of compassion blossomed into something deeper. Earl found solace in Clara’s strength, and it helped him get over Anna’s passing. Clara, in turn, saw Earl as a reliable shoulder to lean on during moments of worry about Daniel’s recovery.

One evening at the hospital, Earl held Clara’s hand, and they knew they were meant to be together. The gas station incident, which began with suspicion and fear, had transformed into something beautiful. It showed the power of compassion and how a single act of understanding could create a wave of generosity and ultimately save a life.


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? Everyone Laughed When White Man Married This Black Girl. Years Later, They Regretted It! –




When an aspiring actor announces he’s marrying a Black girl, everyone laughs, thinking he’s making a huge mistake that will ruin his career. But years later, they deeply regret it when she becomes a household name.

Ratina nervously entered the room. She was one of the last to arrive, and everyone turned to look at her as she joined the small group that had been waiting for her. She’d been confident she’d made the right choice, but now, looking around at her classmates, she wasn’t so sure anymore. No one smiled or greeted her, apart from one shy-looking guy who avoided making eye contact but had a slight smile on his face.

Jacob was also feeling nervous. He wanted more than anything to be an actor and certainly had the talent for it; otherwise, he wouldn’t have made it into the Juilliard School. He was taking classes at one of the most prestigious private performing arts schools in the world, but he still found it hard to believe in himself. Everyone had seemingly already formed small groups, and he was left on his own. Of course, one person was running late, prolonging his awkward pain before the introductions could get underway. But when Ratina entered the room, looking as flustered and nervous as him, he immediately forgave her. He didn’t think he’d ever seen a more beautiful girl in his whole life. The rest of the group was just as unwelcoming as he’d expected. They were frustrated at having to wait for one last classmate, and Jacob felt sorry for the girl. He tried to make eye contact, but he felt too shy, so he smiled and hoped that she knew it was for her.

As the months passed by, the group got to know each other pretty well. They were all there for the same thing, so most of them formed strong bonds. Even Ratina and Jacob managed to find their own small groups of friends. But Jacob hadn’t once plucked up the courage to have a full conversation with the girl. Pleasantries had been exchanged, but beyond that, they went their own separate ways. Jacob longed to speak to her, though, but he just felt like he’d mess everything up. There was no way a girl as pretty as her would ever want to be with him. Jacob’s longing looks only seemed to go unnoticed by Ratina herself, though, and soon his friends began to tease him for his infatuation. Beyond the jokes and laughter, his best friend in the group encouraged him to speak to the girl before he regretted it. He wasn’t the only one who had noticed Ratina’s beauty, and if he didn’t act soon, it might be too late…Click Here To Continue Reading>> …Click Here To Continue Reading>>

One of the girls in their class was having a birthday celebration and had invited everyone out for drinks. Jacob lingered on the edges of the group for most of the evening, dazzled by Ratina’s beauty, but after a few drinks, he finally found the courage to go over and speak to her. The pair spent the next few hours sitting together and sharing everything about their lives. They were so wrapped up in each other that they hadn’t noticed the bar was now almost completely empty and all of their classmates had left. From then on, they were inseparable. From the first moment Ratina had seen that half-smile on Jacob’s face, she’d been desperate to talk to him, but he always seemed to avoid her, so she’d assumed he wasn’t interested. When they both learned of each other’s awkwardness, they just laughed at how silly they’d been. They’d spent months not talking to each other, but they were more than making up for it now.

However, not everyone was so happy for the couple. Ratina was the only Black girl in the group, and some of Jacob’s so-called friends began to question why he would want to date someone like her when there were so many pretty white girls in the group too. He quickly realized that all their jokes had been a way to try and put him off. He had no interest in being friends with people like that and quickly cut them off. Only his best friend remained supportive of the couple. Years passed, and the pair studied hard together. They were both deeply passionate about becoming actors, but Ratina confessed that sometimes she worried if she was doing the right thing. When she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, some of her family had encouraged her to take a nursing course as a career to fall back on, but she had no interest in that and had enrolled in the Juilliard School instead, determined that she would make it as an actor. Jacob’s family had always been supportive of his career choice, so he admired Ratina for chasing her dreams despite what everyone else said. As the pair progressed through their course, their confidence and talent grew, spurred on by each other’s support. Soon, it became clear that the two of them had every chance of becoming a power couple in the acting world. But some people still weren’t convinced about their relationship. Whisperings began to circulate around the group that if they stayed together, Ratina would ruin any chances Jacob might have of landing big roles because she just wasn’t destined to make it. Rather than be upset by the rumors, though, the couple looked for ways to prove everyone wrong.

Their time at the Juilliard School was coming to an end, and they both knew that it wouldn’t be an easy ride from here on out. But as long as they had each other, they could face any challenge. Jacob had loved Ratina from the moment he’d first seen her nervously entering the room after being late on the first day. From that point on, he’d fallen deeper and deeper in love, and with graduation looming, there was only one thing left for him to do. Both Ratina and Jacob were working students. Once they became a couple, a future together was all they could think about, and they’d been saving hard to ensure that they had a good pot of money to get a place together once their studies were over. But Jacob had been saving for something else too: an engagement ring. He wanted to make Ratina his wife so their journey to being a true Hollywood power couple could begin. His beautiful girlfriend had given him more confidence and support than anyone else, and now felt like the right time to propose. Five months before graduation, Jacob got down on one knee and asked Ratina to be his wife. The young woman was overjoyed. From the first moment she’d seen his slight smile, she’d been drawn to him. Falling in love with Jacob had been the best feeling ever, and it only felt right that as their time together at Juilliard was coming to an end, they should start their new exciting chapter as man and wife. The couple decided that they didn’t want a big fancy wedding, so right after graduation, they tied the knot in a small intimate ceremony, marking the start of what they believed would be an amazing new chapter when they landed their dream roles.

But still, not everyone could be happy for the couple. When their classmates found out that they were engaged, many of them were happy for the couple. They’d watched their love blossom over the past four years and didn’t doubt that they were both destined for big things. But there were still some people who ignorantly laughed when Jacob married a Black girl, believing that he’d ended his acting career before it even started. But they didn’t know that years later, they would deeply regret their words.

Jacob and Ratina had never expected acting work to come to them easily. They knew what a cutthroat industry Hollywood was, and it took a few years before either of them began to really get noticed. They attended audition after audition while working odd jobs to keep a roof over their heads. And when they both started to land roles, their dream finally seemed to be coming true. But things wouldn’t be plain sailing for the couple. Ratina had heard about an exciting new TV series, and her agent told her that she had to audition for a part. It was 2007, and Juilliard seemed a lifetime ago. She’d been married to Jacob for two years now, and they’d been together for even longer. She never expected breaking into the acting world to be easy, but neither of them had had much work in the past few years. A silly, annoying voice in her head began to question if perhaps people had been right when they’d said she’d hold Jacob back. But she couldn’t start thinking about that now. She had to go into this audition oozing confidence. Much to her surprise, Ratina landed a role. She was told she’d be part of the main cast, playing a character called Tara Thornton in a show called True Blood. When she excitedly told Jacob about the role, neither of them knew just how big the show would become. Ratina’s life was about to change forever. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

After the first season of True Blood aired in 2008, it was clear how much of a fan base had already been built for the vampire show. Ratina had gone from an unknown actor to a star almost overnight. While his wife flourished in her career, Jacob was still struggling to get recognized. In the same year True Blood was released, he had a few minor parts in several shows, but nothing compared to what his wife was doing. They’d always vowed to support each other no matter what, but they’d never had to face the reality that one of them would make it as an actor while the other one didn’t. Ratina’s time on True Blood just kept getting better and better, and it wasn’t long before the show was getting nominated for awards. In 2009, she won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Fifth Scream Awards. At first, Jacob was supportive, and Ratina believed his big break was just around the corner, but she could see the passion slipping away from him, and over the months, he started developing resentment towards her success. By the time she started work on the fifth season of True Blood, cracks had begun to appear in their once-perfect relationship.

At first, Ratina tried to ignore the problems. She loved Jacob and had

for a long time. He was the one constant in her crazy life. They’d once shared a dream of being Hollywood’s next power couple, but now she began to wonder if she’d gotten swept up in everyone else’s expectations of them. Now, it seemed like they wanted different things. She’d never been sure about having kids, and she didn’t feel that biological pull to be a mother. Jacob had never really expressed a strong desire for a family either, so she figured it wasn’t something that needed discussing. But now that she was in her early 30s, Jacob had begun to mention starting a family more and more, and she was well aware of the biological time bomb she had. The problem was that she had no desire to give up her career to have children. A dark thought began to creep into her mind. She cast her mind back to their Juilliard days. She knew that people had whispered about her holding Jacob back because she wasn’t destined for big things, but what if it was actually him who was holding her back? She was the one with the amazing career that was going from strength to strength while he was lucky to get one acting role a year, and it was always a minor part. And now he wanted her to put her career on hold to start a family she wasn’t even sure she wanted.

Unfortunately, it seemed like their lives were heading in different directions. There was no ignoring the problems anymore. While she was busy on the set of True Blood, it was easy to forget that she had some big decisions to make. The couple could barely say two words to each other now without arguing. They’d gone from being a team to a fractured pairing. They’d vowed to support each other no matter what, but in reality, that just wasn’t working out. Jacob seemed to resent her for landing such a big role and having such huge success with it, while she couldn’t help but feel he was wasting his talent by not trying out for more roles. She still cared for Jacob and wanted the best for him, but she just wasn’t sure that she was in love with him anymore. In 2013, with just one season of True Blood left to air in the following year, Ratina filed for divorce from Jacob, citing irreconcilable differences. The truth was that they both changed a lot, and they were no longer the same people who had met at Juilliard. Jacob wanted a family and was happy to plot along through life, but Ratina had an amazing career and a drive to get better. She couldn’t give that up for a man she was no longer in love with.

Ratina was upset by the end of her marriage, but she also had a sudden sense of freedom that she could finally be who she wanted to be. Everyone had laughed when Jacob married this Black girl, thinking she would hold him back, but now it was clear to see that they’d been wrong. Ratina had an amazing career, while Jacob was still relatively unknown. In fact, the biggest thing he was now known for was being Ratina Wesley’s ex-husband. But no one had wanted it to end like this. Despite the jokes and laughter, everyone had seen how in love the pair were during their years at Juilliard, but sometimes people drift apart and lose themselves in a relationship, and Ratina certainly felt that way.

Years passed by, and the couple went their separate ways. Ratina knew the divorce had hit Jacob hard, as had the reports that were floating around that she was now engaged to a chef from New Orleans. She hadn’t expected to maintain a friendship with him, but the situation still made her sad. Still, she couldn’t help but be proud of having proven so many people wrong. Her ex-classmates at Juilliard had predicted she would never amount to anything, and yet she was the true star here, and they were deeply regretting their words. When True Blood ended, she landed another major role in Queen Sugar, a TV show produced by Oprah Winfrey. Her role as Nova in Queen Sugar saw her nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series several times, but it was her 2019 nomination at the 19th Black Reel Awards that she would never forget. Ratina won the award for the second consecutive year, but it wasn’t winning that would make the night memorable. It was who would congratulate her after her victory that would make the night stand out.

In the early hours of the morning, Ratina arrived back home feeling tired but happy. She only wished Jacob could be there to share her success, and when she looked at her phone, it felt like fate was making another of her wishes come true. She saw a message from someone she hadn’t heard from for years. It was Jacob. The message simply read: “Congratulations. Proud of you.” Ratina smiled to herself as she typed out her reply. The bond she and Jacob had once shared hadn’t been permanently broken after all. They might not have worked out as a couple, but they still loved each other as friends, and that kind of love would never end.

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Pastor Marries Girl On Her 18th Birthday Then Cop Sees Something Weird And Angrily Stops Everything




It was a beautiful Saturday, and people were getting ready for the wedding. But this wasn’t a regular wedding because Pastor Jeff was getting married to Zara on her 18th birthday. However, when the cop noticed something weird, he called off the wedding. It was a Saturday, but one unlike any other. The sun was high up in the sky, shining down on the calm community, and people went about their business. For a…Click Here To Continue Reading>> …Click Here To Continue Reading>>

It was a Saturday, but one unlike any other. The sun was high up in the sky, shining down on the calm community, and people went about their business. For a large majority of these people, they were hurrying to get to the local church. They were on their way to attend the wedding of their beloved Pastor Jeff. He had been single for such a long time, dedicated mainly to leading people to the right path, and it left little time for him to focus on himself. Finally, he was getting married.

However, it was not getting the reaction a wedding would usually get. With the impending wedding, the day should have been filled with joy and happiness. Everyone should have been looking forward to the wedding and wishing the groom and bride all the best life had to offer. That wasn’t the case, though. Everyone was confused and curious about his bride, and the reason for this wasn’t far-fetched. Zara, the bride-to-be, was only 18 years old. She was turning 18 on the very day she was getting married.

Many members of the congregation were disappointed in Pastor Jeff. They couldn’t believe that a good and devout pastor like him could do such a thing. The more they thought about it, the more disgusted they got with him. They began to wonder when Pastor began thinking of getting married to her, seeing as she had only been 18 for a few hours. They were all vocal about their disappointments and told him, but nothing was going to change Jeff’s mind. He told them that he was going to get married to Zara and that was it.

Still, despite their disappointment in him, they all trooped to the church on the day of the wedding. Some wanted to see if he would go ahead with it, while others were only there to look for the right opportunity to ruin it. They could easily tell that something was off about the wedding, and it seemed a bit rushed for comfort. They didn’t want Zara to get into anything that would destroy her future. But then, the right moment never came.

Everyone watched in awe as the wedding ceremony progressed without any hitch. Bible passages were read, and the young couple was advised on how to navigate a new phase of their lives. Soon it was time to exchange their vows.

Zara and Jeff stood before the officiant and repeated their vows after him. Jeff went first and said the words with a smile on his face as he gazed into Zara’s eyes. Then it was time for Zara to say the vows as well. But just as she opened her mouth to speak, the doors to the church swung open loudly, and two cops walked in. Their entrance was so loud that everyone’s attention was drawn to them at once, even the couple that was getting married.

One of them walked slowly down the aisle, his eyes on the altar as he studied them shrewdly. As he got closer, his eyes suddenly widened in shock as he saw something weird and ordered the officiant to cancel the wedding. He called Zara and told her to get off the altar, that she wasn’t getting married anymore. He then ordered Jeff to get off as well.

To everyone’s shock, though, Zara begged the cop not to interfere. She told him that she had to get married to Jeff no matter what. The cop felt a slight pain in his heart as he realized that the girl must have been brainwashed. He could see that Jeff had taken advantage of her and made her think that she loved him. He knew then that he had to stop the wedding at all costs. He refused to listen to her pleas and even tried to get her off the altar. He told her over and over that she would thank him later. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she fell to her knees and began to weep profusely.

Before all this, Jeff was by far one of the most loved members of the community, and it wasn’t just because he was a pastor. While he was one of the most devout Christians, everyone knew he was also a model of piety and humility. He was also philanthropic, and he loved doing things that he was sure would go a long way in making the people around him happy.

He helped build a school that served the community, and as if that wasn’t enough, he also subsidized the school fees so that more children could get access to quality education. He loved to help the needy and the poor. Many times he paid visits to the houses of the poorest people, bringing foodstuffs, clothes, and sometimes cash for those who were sick and had no money for their medical bills. He was always there to help them out.

For people in violent homes, he fought for them, making sure that the perpetrators faced the full wrath of the law. The things he did for people couldn’t be quantified, and what made it so beautiful was the fact that he seemed happy doing it. He didn’t do it because he wanted more members in the church or because he wanted people to like him.

He simply did it because helping others made him happy. When he was asked why he always went out of his way to be good to people, he said that he had come from a home where he and his family lacked almost everything. The basic amenities were a pipe dream, and they only coped with the little they could get. Jeff knew what it felt like to have nothing and to have no one who cared if he survived. He had sworn when he became a priest that he was going to use his platform to help people. He would use his position to make people happier. For him, the very act was its own reward.

Not long after, Zara and her mother, Sophie, arrived in the community. It was a small community, and everyone noticed when they came around. For a long time, they were the talk of the town. People talked about how Zara and Sophie mostly kept to themselves and would not hang out with anyone else. About a year later, Zara and her mother joined Jeff’s church. Zara, the proactive teenager, and Sophie, with her angelic voice, immediately became active in numerous activities. They associated with more people, yet no one knew much about them.

They rarely talked about themselves, and even when they were asked about where they came from, they subtly changed the subject. They were friendly with everyone; they had a smile and could hold conversations when they had to. They just never shared their secrets. Zara and Sophie had managed to build their lives in the community, and things were going great for them. Sadly, it all came to a screeching halt when Sophie fell seriously ill and was diagnosed with acute lung failure. It was so bad that she required a lung transplant as soon as possible. The hospital bills were expensive, and the treatments she was getting before the operation drained their purses down to the last penny.

Jeff swung into action and tried to do everything he could, but this time the bills were way too big for him to handle alone. He even rallied the community to raise money for Sophie. She needed a new set of lungs from a donor, which would cost a lot of money. Everyone in the community tried their best, but they could only raise a fraction, and it made no difference. Instead, it depleted every day with the frequent medications Sophie kept on receiving. Jeff didn’t relent, though. He went to other churches and asked his fellow pastors for help, but nothing worked. They were not able to raise enough money, and Sophie’s condition only got worse with each passing day.

Zara was at her wit’s end. She didn’t know what else to do. Her mother was slipping away right in front of her, and she couldn’t do anything about it. Despite it all, Jeff persevered, and everyone commended the way he was pursuing Sophie’s recovery as if she were his mother. They knew that he was only trying his best for a member of his flock, but it made them love him even more. And that was the reason everyone was shocked when he suddenly announced his plans to marry Zara.

It was so out of the blue; no one had seen it coming in any way. The unsettling thing was that Sophie was still in the hospital and couldn’t even do a single thing about what was transpiring. Everyone felt sick and disgusted by Jeff’s actions. Zara was such a young girl, and it didn’t make sense that he would take advantage of her in such a way while her mother was fighting off death in the hospital. Jeff wasn’t forthcoming with explanations for his sudden decision, and the people tried to come up with theirs. The most common was the idea that she married him so that he could continue helping her take care of her mother. That was also the most plausible because, besides Zara, Jeff was the only person who had shown remarkable effort in raising funds. The people were shocked that their favorite pastor would stoop so low as to have his way with a teenager. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Many of them tried to talk him out of it, but he refused. He told them that he knew what he had to do, and it was to marry Zara. His stubbornness and refusal to see why it was a bad idea made things worse for him, and soon he began to lose followers. Many people stopped attending service, and they said they would only come back once he canceled the wedding.

He didn’t, and with every day, the wedding got closer. As it became clear that he was going ahead with marrying Zara, a concerned member decided that it was out of their hands and decided to involve the cops. They were sure that there was something shady going on that Jeff wasn’t telling them, and it could jeopardize Zara’s life. None of them wanted to do it; they all loved Jeff dearly, but they had accepted the fact that he possibly couldn’t be saved anymore. He had chosen his path, and he had to bear the consequences.

On Zara’s 18th birthday, the wedding happened, and it was going smoothly until the cop barged in. As he made his way down the aisle, he noticed that Zara was crying profusely on the altar. The tears were streaming down her face and ruining her makeup. He knew then that something was wrong, and he immediately tried to tear Zara away from Jeff’s side. When she fell to her knees and was crying profusely, the cop tried to pull her to himself while telling Jeff to stay away.

But to his shock, Zara wrenched her hand from his grip and ran back to Jeff. She linked her hands through his elbow and begged the officiant to marry them. The members of the church got involved now. They told Zara that she didn’t have to get married to Jeff. They promised to help her get enough money for Sophie’s transplant. They knew it was hard, but they swore to raise the money for her. She didn’t have to walk into a trap just because she wanted to save her mother. It wasn’t what Sophie would want at all.

Jeff stood at the altar watching everything in shock. He couldn’t believe that things had gotten to that point. He watched as Zara was struggling against the cop, who was still trying to pull her away. The people were getting increasingly agitated and looked like they could erupt at any slight provocation. He realized then that there was only one thing he could do. He decided to tell the truth. He called everyone to order and told them that he was going to tell them everything and allow them to judge for themselves. He told them that the idea of getting married wasn’t even his, but Zara’s. She was the one who needed to get married to him, not the other way around.

Zara’s father had been a highly misogynistic man. He believed that women couldn’t handle money and that they needed men in their lives to tell them what to do because they couldn’t make such decisions on their own. True to his belief, he kept Sophie out of so many of his dealings. She wasn’t a signatory to any of his bank accounts. She didn’t have her name on any of their assets. She was locked out of everything that had to do with his money, and he gave her monthly stipends that weren’t enough to do anything.

In his will, he left his assets and everything he owned to Zara because he believed that Sophie had no business having all that money. Sadly, he died later on. He was involved in an accident that required urgent surgery. However, Sophie couldn’t pay it off because she had no access to the money. She had to run around and raise the money, borrowing from friends, but it wasn’t enough. By the time the money was ready, he had kicked the bucket. While it was ironic that his very belief was the one thing that killed him, Sophie was still sad about it, especially because she knew that his death could have been avoided.

But then, something else was going to happen that would make her hate him forever. After his burial, the time came to read his will, and as expected, he had left everything to Zara. But there was a clause. Since she was his only child, he left it all to her, but he still believed that no woman could handle all that money, least of all a teenage girl. He was sure that she would squander it on pointless things, and to avoid that, he put in a clause that she could only access the inheritance when she got married to a man.

The money would then belong to her husband, who could then do with it as he saw fit. For Sophie and Zara, this was the highest form of betrayal, even though he had made sure that they got nothing at all from him. That was when they decided to leave him and everything about him behind. They wanted nothing to do with his inheritance anymore. Sophie promised to work her butt off to make a good life for Zara, and they would survive without her late husband’s money.

But sadly, fate took a twist neither of them could have expected. Sophie fell ill, and with her imminent need for a new set of lungs, something had to be done quickly. When Zara and Jeff tried all they could with nothing to show for it, Zara had no choice but to return to her inheritance. She knew that she had enough money to cover the hospital bills and still have enough left over, but the only way she could get it was by getting married. She couldn’t risk placing all that money in the hands of some random man, so she turned to the one man she trusted more than anyone else: Pastor Jeff. At first, he was hesitant to help her, but when he saw that it would fetch them all the money they needed for Sophie’s treatment, he immediately agreed. Her story touched him, and he swore he would do what was necessary.

Jeff then told the congregation that he was only getting married to her to help her out. They were not going to consummate the wedding, and it would only last until Sophie recovered fully. Then they would divorce immediately, and he would leave everything to them. They had announced the wedding beforehand so that it wouldn’t look so obvious that they were getting married simply because they wanted to lay their hands on the money. Even though that was their plan, Jeff wanted to make sure that he covered all bases so that it would not affect his getting the money later on.

The cop then asked them why Zara had been crying. It was her tears that had moved him to cancel the entire wedding. Zara said that she was emotional. Her wedding meant that her mother was going to finally get her treatment, and soon she would be well. It was an emotional period for her; she needed to get married. As the people heard the full story, they were immensely touched. They had always wanted to know Zara’s backstory.

Now that they did, all they could think about was how much she had been through and how horrible her life must have been under her father. They were impressed by Jeff. They were shocked that he was going to the point of getting married to her just so he could help her. Jeff apologized to them for keeping them in the dark and said that he only did it to protect Zara and Sophie’s privacy. But he had been forced to reveal it because things had been getting out of hand.

This time around, when they asked to be married, no one objected. Instead, the people concurred and urged the officiant to be quick about it. The moment they were joined in matrimony, they hurried out of the church and drove like maniacs to the lawyer’s office. Right there and then, he signed everything over to Jeff, who immediately handed it over to Zara. From the lawyer’s office, they drove to the hospital, and Zara paid all outstanding debts and also paid for the transplant. It was a hefty sum, but it didn’t even make a dent in the money she had gotten. Finally, Zara could breathe freely, knowing that her mother would get the surgery and also heal eventually.

Thankfully, the surgery was a success, and Sophie made a full recovery. True to his word, Jeff divorced Zara the very day Sophie was discharged from the hospital, and he made sure that she had total control of all the assets her father had left behind. Life became better for Zara and Sophie, and to show their appreciation, they swore to make hefty donations to every project Jeff would be working on from then on. He had gone all out to help them, and they would do the same for him. The people of the community loved him even more after all that. They talked about him everywhere they went, and those who had left returned and brought in even new members. They couldn’t stop talking about how selfless he was.

Pastor Jeff was a good man, and he promised that he would always do what he could to make sure that people around him were happy and fulfilled. What a beautiful story

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Why Osama Body was thrown in middle of sea




US officials say Osama Bin Laden’s body was treated with respect and buried at sea, but some Muslims argue there was no good reason for not burying it on land.

Islamic tradition requires the dead to be buried as soon as possible, unless an autopsy is required.

The US military took this requirement very seriously, burying the body within hours.

“Traditional procedures for Islamic burial were followed,” an official said.

Religious rites were carried out on the deck of a US aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson. The body, shrouded in a white sheet and placed in a weighted bag, was then positioned on a flat board, tipped up, and eased into the Arabian Sea…Click Here To Continue Reading>> …Click Here To Continue Reading>>

After this first shot, The Blotter, external, he was shot again, to make sure that he was dead.

‬The body was then flown to Afghanistan and Bin Laden’s identity was confirmed. Officials say a DNA sample was taken that matched that of several other family members. Some sources say facial recognition technology was also used.

From Afghanistan, the body was, it appears, flown to the USS Carl Vinson.

“A military officer read prepared religious remarks, which were translated into Arabic by a native speaker,” a US defence official said. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

US officials have given two reasons why a sea burial was chosen. First, that they did not want his grave to become a shrine. Second, that there was no time to negotiate with other countries to arrange a possible burial on land.

According to CBS News, Saudi Arabia refused to take the body, external. If correct, this suggests that an offer was made – and that had Saudi Arabia accepted the body, there would have been a grave, which could in theory have become a shrine.

However, ABC’s Jonathan Karl, writing before the burial was confirmed, external, painted a different picture:

“US officials tell me the last thing they want is for his burial place to become a terrorist shrine.

“To avoid that, an informed source tells me, the intention is to bury his body at sea – leaving no definitive location for the final resting place of his body.”


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